Sponsored Training Programme

Sponsored Projects


A. Awareness Programmes on Electronics Waste 

Rapid growth of the electronic industry and high rate of obsolescence of the electronic products lead to the generation of huge quantities of electronic waste (e-waste). The recycling of e-waste, not conforming to environmental friendly methods is the key challenge in our society. India has emerged as Fifth largest Electronic waste producer in the world. The Government, public sector companies, and private sector companies generate nearly 75% of electronic waste. City-wise, Mumbai tops the list in producing electronic waste, followed by New Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai. State-wise Maharashtra ranks first in generation of electronic waste, followed by Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh.

Lack of awareness of the environmental, social and economic aspects, amongst various stakeholders further aggravates the situation. NIELIT Aurangabad is implementing a project “Capacity Building of Government Employees on e-Waste Management Training Program: under Digital India Initiative, aim is to create awareness on e –waste management and built capacity among the centre and state government departments in general and those of Department IT, Science and Technology and associated department, Railways, defense etc. in particular through customized training programs. The training will also help to inculcate the better implementation of e-waste Management Rule, 2016.


C. Capacity Building in Electronic Product Design and Production Technology

The Government of India has initiated several initiatives for the development of electronics sector in the country. The Government has recently approved National Policy on Electronics (NPE). One of the important objectives of the NPE is to achieve a turnover of about USD 400 Billion by 2020 involving investment of about USD 100 Billion and employment to around 28 million by 2020.

MeitY has initiated this project for development of human resource at various levels including Certificate, Diploma, Post Graduate and Research Professionals with adequate competence levels with a target of training 11,515 candidates in five years. The project further aims at upgrading the competence of working professional in Indian Industries and knowledge/ skills of faculty of technical institutions.

NIeLIT Aurangabad is the Nodal Centre for implementation of this project. Under the project, the Centre has launched M.Tech(part time) in Electronic product design and B.Tech(full time), both in affiliation with Dr. B.A.M. University, Aurangabad with a vision to bridge the gap between academia and Industry. In essence the key objectives of this project are as under:

1.      Develop human Resource at various levels including Certificate, Diploma, Post Graduate, and Research Professionals with adequate competence levels

2.      To launch short term / long term modular non formal courses in selected areas of specialization

3.      Upgrade the competence of working professional in Indian Industries

4.      Upgrade the knowledge and skills of faculty of technical institutions necessitating from high obsolescence of this area


B. Information Security Education and Awareness 

As per Internet Crime Complaint Centre of the United States, India ranks fifth among countries reporting maximum number of cyber crimes. There are only 546 organizations in the country which have obtained the ISO 27001 certification. A total of about 65,000 trained personnel are available pertaining to cyber security as against the estimated requirement of 5 lakh trained personnel. The IT Act, 2005 addresses all aspects related to cyber crimes in a comprehensive manner with adequate compliance and deterrent provisions.

This project has been initiated by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) on the recommendation of Inter-Ministerial Working Group on Cyber Security Education and Awareness Programme. The main objective of the Information Security Education and Awareness Project is Human Resource Development in the country in the area of Information Security. The Project has the following broad aims:


1.    Introduce Information Security Curriculum at M.Tech & B.Tech level and Research Activity / PhD.

2.    Train System Administrators/ Professionals by offering 1-year PG Diploma Course, 6-months Certificate Course, 6-weeks/2-weeks training programme in Information Security.

3.    Train Government Officers Central and State, on Information Security issues.

4.    Education Exchange Programme.

5.    Bring Information Security awareness in the country.

The Centre is implementing this project as a Participating Institutes. The Centre has implemented the facility of Virtual Training Environment (VTE) which provides a web-based E-learning environment where users can learn the anatomy of hack attacks and then learn to design countermeasures against different type of attacks. There are 21 Modules that are being offered under VTE and using these platforms, anyone can do practical exercises related to Information Security through online mode.


D. Trader's Training

Ministery of Electronics and information Technology has entrusted NIELIT for organising the  Digi-धन Melas being the capacity building arm of the MeitY. These Melas aim to spread awareness among customers and merchants on various digital payment methods.

The objectives of this Mela ( camps) being organised along with CAIT( (Confederation of All Indian Traders) is to contribute towards establishing digital economy and conveying the benefit of digital payments to traders so that they may adopt the digital payment mechanism like UPI. USSD, BBPS, AEP etc. in a convenient manner. The camp is targeted to have participation from banks, telecom companies, mobile wallet operators, Aadhar enabled payment systems,( AEPS), merchants ( through marketing associations), cooperative like Kendriya Bandar and organised retail chains like Safal, milk booths etc. This workshop shall provide live demonstration and interactive session by officials of prominent banks, UIDIA, E- wallet providers etc.

NIELIT Aurangabad centre has s organised these Melas/Workshop in the states of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Goa and UT  Daman & Diu.

Under this Project NIELIT, Aurangabad organised one regional and five state workshops. It has also arranged Ten camps at different locations in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. A total of  1472 traders were certified/ given awareness about the online and mobile financial transactions with bank and other financial institutions.