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Chips to Start-up Programme

Fostering Next-Generation Capabilities Among Chip Designers For Making India Self-Reliant In Electronics System Design


Participating institute under Chips to Startup Programme of MeitY along with other elite 100 institutions in India.

NIELIT Aurangabad is a participating institute under chips to startup programme ( of Ministry of Electronics and Information technology (MeitY), Govt. of India. The following are the objectives of the programme.

  • Generating Industry-ready manpower in System/ SoC Design area for creating vibrant fabless chip design ecosystem in the country.
  • Promoting industry-led R&D, translational research and strengthening Industry Academia collaboration.
  • The culture of developing reusable IP Cores & developing ASIC/ SoC/ Systems for societal/ strategic sectors.

Internships and Placement support

The B.Tech./M.Tech. students at NIELIT Aurangabad will get an opportunity to participate in internship opportunities ( under C2S programme.

Internship details

(NXP Semiconductors)

Eligible Programs

M.Tech/ B.Tech (EC/ CS/ IT/ Iot/ Machine Learning/ Signal Processing) - Perusing


10-12 Months Starting from August

Stipend Paid

Rs. 35K for M.Tech and Rs. 32.5K for B.Tech


Noida/ Bangalore

Internship Domains

Hardware - Digital Design and Analog Design
Software - C, C++, Java, Python, Embedded, IoT, AI, ML


Eligible Programs

M.Tech./ B.Tech. (pursuing)


09-12 Months Starting from August

Stipend Paid

Rs. 45K for M.Tech and Rs. 40K for B.Tech + Relocation support of $1000 as one time flexibility bonus


Bangalore / Hyderabad as well an option to join online (based on business need)

Internship Domains

  1. Working towards definition, design, verification, and documentation for SoC (System on a Chip) development
  2. Determining architecture design, logic design, and system simulation
  3. Performing all aspects of SoC design flow-from high-level design to synthesis, place and route, timing, and power-to create a design database that is ready for manufacturing
  4. Translating SoC requirements to analog circuit specifications, architecting and designing analog IPs: ADC/DAC, LDOs, PLLs, temperature sensors, etc.
  5. Designing innovative analog and mixed signal circuits and contributing to delivering analog IPs in advanced Intel process nodes
  6. Collaborating with the SoC team for IP integration, silicon tests, etc.
  7. Developing and supporting OFT strategy and implementation
  8. Collaborating with the bench validation team for silicon validation, debugging, etc.

During the academic year 2023-24, the following industries have assessed NIELIT Aurangabad B.Tech. students for internship/placement.

  1. Analog Devices India Pvt. Ltd.
  2. AVENCH Systems Pvt. Ltd.
  3. InCore Semiconductors India Pvt. Ltd.

Research and Development


Budget Out Lay: 288.0 Lakhs + VLSI Design Tools (Synopsys, CADENCE and SIEMENS Mentor) + FPGA Boards

Technology targeted: 22nm TSMC

Technology Readiness Level Targeted: 7

Application: IoT enabled healthcare

                                                                        Enchanting Glowing Chip Circuit Hologram Against Dark Background With Cpu  Mockup And Metaver, Cpu, Ai, Background Background Image And Wallpaper for  Free Download

By a participating institute under C2S Programme, NIELIT Aurangabad along with NIT Trichy and IIIT Trichy is developing an Artificial Intelligence (AI) processor for edge Internet of Things (IoT) processing targeting healthcare applications. The processor will perform the accelerations of complex AI algorithms for ultrafast and ultralow power edge processing. Based on the AI processor, a wearable electronics system will be developed and it will perform

predications of health conditions of human body. As the system is IoT enabled the health conditions in advance can be available to doctors for examination.

In line with National Electronics Policy (NEP) the Chips to Startup programme of MeitY focuses to evolve startup industries in semiconductor chip design through chip and system design R & D projects and specialized trainings in semiconductor domain.        

According to the project investigator, Dr. Jayaraj U Kidav, Executive Director, NIELIT Aurangabad, this kind of systems are the need of hour and will improve the health of the society. Also, through this R & D activity NIELIT Aurangabad along with NIT Trichy and IIIT Trichy will be hand-holding at least 4-10 startups for developing future AI processors needed for the country. In addition, NIELIT will be conducting Digital India RISC-V processor-based system on chip (SoC) and embedded system design advanced skilling programmes.

Details of Doctoral Level Projects

Sl. No

 Ph.D. Level Projects


RISC-V ISA expansion for Edge-AI processors and performance investigation.


Efficient design of pervasive segments (Clock and power) of an edge AI SoC.


Design and development of lightweight Edge-AI processors for high-speed applications.


Design of Edge AI Coprocessor for IoT enabled smart city applications.


Micro-Architectural Exploration for Low Power Design of Edge AI processor.


Power Management Design for Edge AI processor.


Design and Development of Low-Cost Edge AI SoC for Healthcare Monitoring Applications.


Efficient implementation of Dynamic Quantization with Mixed Precision System for AI co-processor.


Design of mathematical models for estimate the energy Consumption of AI coprocessor.