Consumer Electronics Lab


Consumer Electronics Lab has been established to provide hands on skills in areas of Electronics Hardware & Productions as per present Industrial practises. The latest equipment’s and facilities are available for repairing and maintenance of various Consumer Electronics products.

Main Equipments available

1. High-End Digital storage Oscilloscope (DSO)

High-End Digital storage Oscilloscope (DSO) for testing functioning of the device or design flaws. It allows probing of individual components and connections  within electronic devices. 

2 Rigol DS1104Z-S 100 MHz Digital Oscilloscope

The DS1000Z 4 channel oscilloscopes come in 70 or 100 MHz versions with a 7 inch display and Rigol's UltraVision technology as well as a host of options.

3 NI ELVIS Engineering Lab Workstation

The NI Educational Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Suite (NI ELVIS) II for providing skills on Circuit Designing and testing.


4 Strain Gauge Trainer

The strain gauge  Load cell trainer for measuring the pressure of the cylinder by using a diaphragm as a primary transducer and strain gauge as a secondary transducer.

5 LCD Digital TV Trainer

This trainer kit provides theoretical and practical knowledge of a general LCD Digital TV (DTV) on SINGLE  P.C.B

6 DTH Trainer Kit

DTH trainer provides theoretical and practical knowledge of a Direct To Home Trainer(DTH) on Single P.C.B. Signals including monitoring and teting at various point.

7​ EasyScope - Scientech 801C

EasyScope - Scientech 801C:EasyScope - Scientech 801C is a new trend that has adequate Vertical Bandwidth for all practical purposes and signals upto 40 MHz can easily be viewed.


Some of the Practical / Project Experiments

1. LCD Digital TV working and repairing

2. DTH working and repairing

3. DVD player working and repairing