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VS500 - PG Program on VLSI SoC Design and Verification (Online)

Course : PG Program on VLSI SoC Design and Verification (Online)
Code : VS500
Starting Date : 06 November,2023
Last Date To Apply : 01 November,23
Course Coordinator :

Nandakumar R /Sreejeesh SG Ph.: 9995427802 / 9447769756

Course Preamble

The complex Very Large Scale Integrated (VLSI) systems are built on System on Chips (SoCs). In a SoC usually, many processor cores and the essential peripherals are wrapped. To design a SoC, knowledge in processor architectures, various bus protocols, etc. are essential. Also, the SoC verification is more challenging as it involves the verification of many complex scenarios. Therefore usually the SoCs are emulated on a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) and the real chip verification will be carried out before spin. This VLSI SoC Design and Verification course focuses on building the necessary industry skills required to work in SoC Design/Verification/FPGA Emulation projects. The course focuses on industry-standard Advanced RISC Machine (ARM) processors based SoC design, verification, and FPGA emulation. The necessary skills (Verilog HDL Coding for synthesis, FPGA Architecture and Programming, System Verilog based Verification, etc.) required to perform industry jobs are covered in this course. The course will transform the successful participants into industry-ready employable engineers. In addition, it helps to conceive and hand-hold startup industries in the VLSI SoC Design/Verification/Emulation domain.

Course Objective

PG Program in VLSI SoC Design and Verification Course is intended to impart skills essential for VLSI Circuits design, ARM based SoC design, Verification, Software programming.

Course Outcome

The successful participants will have;
1. In‐depth knowledge, skills and comprehensive understanding about the Electronics fundamentals, SoC Design and Verification methodologies and industry practices followed by VLSI Design Companies across the world.
2. Ready employability in multiple roles available in VLSI Industry.
3. Refined skillsets, knowhow and confidence needed for entrepreneurship in VLSI Design and Verification industry.

Expected Job Roles:

  •  RTL Design Engineer.
  •  RTL Verification Engineer.
  •  VLSI/SoC Design & Verification Engineer.
  •  Front-end ASIC Design & Verification Professional.
  •  FPGA Design Engineer.
  •  SoC Emulation /Validation Engineer.
  •  Embedded Software Engineer.
  •  Embedded Hardware Engineer

Course Structure

The VS500 course has seven modules including project work. The Participants are required to do a project work in any one of the modular areas, to be eligible for issue of PG Diploma.

The modules are as follows:

The course can be taken as individual modules also as below:


  Workshop Name Duration    Start Date     Course Fee Course Prospectus

Lab Workshop on Embedded C &
ARM Cortex Microcontrollers

65 Hrs 


Rs. 2,500/- 

Lab Workshop on VLSI Fundamentals

65 Hrs


Rs. 2,500/-

Lab Workshop on FPGA Architecture and Programming using Verilog HDL

65 Hrs


Rs. 2,500/-

Lab Workshop on ARM based SoC Design

65 Hrs

29-01-2024 Rs. 2,500/-

Lab Workshop on Advanced ARM based SoC Design 

65 Hrs

26-02-2024 Rs. 2,500/-

Lab Workshop on SoC Verification 

65 Hrs

25-03-2024 Rs. 2,500/-

Course Contents


Course Fees

Students can pay the full fees of (₹40,000/-) in advance or as installments as given below.


B.E /B.Tech completed students of the following branches:
Electronics/ Electronics & Communication/ Electrical/ Electrical and Electronics/Instrumentation/ Biomedical /Computer Science/Information
B.E /B.Tech ongoing students of the above branches are eligible to enroll for the modular workshop subject to meeting the pre-requisite for each module as mentioned in Syllabus.

Important Dates

More Details

For further information if any, you may Contact the Course Coordinator : Nandakumar R / Sreejeesh SG Ph.: 9995427802 / 9447769756