Online Workshop on Git and GitHub


10 Jul 2023

Recommended 1 hr / day


Rs. 300/-

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09 Jul 2023

Course Description:   This is a course on Digital Signal Processing and its application (Ultrasound Imaging) which prov ides Basics of Introduction to Git & GitHub, Basic Git Workflow, Installation & Setup of Git, Commits & Working with branches , Github Basics, Fetch, push, pull and Mini Project Discussion

Who can attend?

Anyone who is interested in learning

  • Managing the Teams
  • Working in the team
  • Create distributed version control system for your project

Course Fee: Rs 300/-
Course Start Date:  10th July 2023
Last Date for Registration and Payment:  09th July 2023

Course Contents :

  • Introduction to Git & GitHub
  • Basic Git Workflow
  • Installation & Setup of Git
  • Commits & Working with branches
  • GitHub Basics, Setting up Remote Repository
  • Fork and Pull Requests
  • Syncing Local and Remote Repositories

Faculty Profile

Qualification and experience of the faculty handling the sessions

  • Mr. Akula Sri Rama Pavan – Scientist/Engineer ‘B’, B.Tech(ECE), 7 Years of Experience

Course Coordinator
Akula Sri Rama Pavan
Email: pavan[at]calicut[dot]nielit.[dot]n

Certificate: Certificate to all completed candidates.

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Terms and Conditions 

  1. In case any registered candidate could not attend the online session due to technical issue at their side there will not be any refund of the course fee and the sessions will not be repeated.
  2. In case the online course is cancelled /postponed due to some technical issue at NIELIT side and new date is not convenient to the candidate, our liability is limited to the refund of the course fee and NIELIT shall not be responsible for any    consequential damages.


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