Lab Workshop VLSI Fundamentals

Organized by NIELIT Calicut jointly with ARM and in association with NPTEL

About the Program

The future scope of VLSI engineers is very high as the world is full of electronics devices that consist of microcontrollers, microprocessors, etc. To design these chips or integrated circuits the VLSI engineers are required. Over the years there has been an increased demand for skilled VLSI engineers at IC design companies. This is due to the tremendous advances in AI, EV, and smartphone technologies, all of which rely on smart ICs. Chip design and manufacturing are collectively called VLSI design where VLSI stands for Very-Large-Scale-Integration.


The objective of the course is to give students solid introductory knowledge on VLSI design and the application of these concepts. This course is expected to be a very comprehensive supplement to course on Analog Circuits and can be instrumental in stimulating interest and developing aptitude among the participants. Open source simulation platforms like PSPICE or LT-SPICE will be used, so that all participants can carry out the simulations described in the course. This course can be very useful for UG as well as PG students, along with research scholars in the initial phases of their PhD study and course work.

                      Course Overview

Major Topics

  • Introduction to VLSI Design Flow: Front end and Back-end
  • CMOS transistor Theory, CMOS inverter characteristics,
  • CMOS Logic Design, Transistor level schematics and layouts
  • On chip wire modelling.
  • Bonding diagram, packaging and assembly
  • Gate Delays and Logical effort,
  • Usage of P/N ratio to determine the best delay/power trade-off for logic gates
  • Combinational logic circuit critical path optimization
  • Timing in sequential circuits

Important Dates

Event Date
Registration closing date First Come First Served Basis
Will be closed once batch is full
Sharing of Course link (will be mailed to Registered Email)
Course Start date 16-09-2024
Course Duration 65 Hours (Theory: 13 hours & Lab : 52 hours) 24X7 Self-paced using Recorded Lectures 

Registration fee and payment link

  • Rs.2500/-

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Workshop Coordinator: Nandakumar.R, Scientist 'D' .Email :

For Queries/Support : Mr Sreejeesh, STO . Email, Ph# 94477 69756

Who should attend?  :  Engineering students, recent graduates and young professionals with back ground in Digital Electronics 

Certificate Criteria: 50 % for assignments and 50 % for exit test

Contents: Lectures, demos, Lab experiments and Mini project

Mode of Delivery: Theory sessions shall be delivered through online mode using recorded lectures by NPTEL. Lab demo (recorded) and live sessions (if any) shall be delivered through online mode by NIELIT Calicut.

Lab experiments and Mini Project shall be done through the using open source downloadable tools.