Diploma in Computer Application & Networking (DCAN)

Since inception of the DCAN course from January 2011 session at NIELIT Kohima, it has been instrumental in facilitating efficiency of a person while working in offices, whether government-run or private-run.


Course Evaluation:

Class participation     - 20%

Class assignments      - 30%

Final Examination      - 50%

Students must have75%and above attendance/class participation in a month. Attendance is reviewed every month.

Certificate is issued only after appearing the final examination which is held after the completion of the Course.The result is provided in theform of Grades like “O” and “A” level courses.

Course Outlines

Introduction to Computer System                                       

Basic Computer Concept

Computer Organization

Windows OS: Windows XP Vs Windows 7

Microsoft Office 2007                                                                      

            MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint

Internet & its usage                                                             


            Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Adobe InDesign

PC Assembly & Maintenance                                                          

Introduction to PC hardware, Motherboard & Processor, BIOS Configuration, Installation of OS, Hard Disk, Installation of device drivers, Configuration of Computer peripherals such as sound card, printer, graphics card etc., Diagnostic & Troubleshooting of PC, Maintenance of PC

Utilities – Lost file recovery, formatting hard disk, defragmenting, antivirus package, CD writing software etc.


Basic networking Concept                                                   

            What is Networking, Local Area Network (LANs), Metropolitan Area Network, (MAN),Wide Area Network (WAN), Networking Topologies, Transmission media & method of communication,

Cabling: straight through and cross over, Study of components like switches, bridges, routers, Wi-Fi router etc. TCP/IP, IP addressing, MAC address, Subnet.


Eligibility: 10 with Knowledge of English language.

Duration: 6 months @ 2 hrs per day

Certificate Awarding Body: NIELIT, Kohima