January 2011

Question Paper January 2011

                         O Level

Subject Code                  Subject

M1-R4                                IT Tools and Business Systems    

M2-R4                                Internet Technology and Web Design       

M3-R4                                Programming and Problem Solving Through 'C' Language 

M4.1-R4                             Application of .Net Technology

M4.2-R4                             Introduction to Multimedia

M4.3-R4                             Introduction to ICT Resources

                     A Level

Subject Code                  Subject

A1-R4                                 IT Tools and Business Systems

A2-R4                                 Internet Technology and Web Design

A3-R4                                 Programming and Problem Solving Through 'C' Language

A4-R4                                 Computer System Architecture

A5-R4                                 Structured System Analysis and Design

A6-R4                                 Data Structure through C++

A7-R4                                 Introduction to DBMS

A8-R4                                 Basics of OS, Unix & Shell Programming

A9-R4                                 Data Communication and Network Technologies

A10.1-R4         Elective       Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming through Java

A10.2-R4         Elective       Software Testing and Quality Management

                         B Level

Subject Code                 Subject

B1.1-R4                             IT Tools and Business System

B1.2-R4                             Internet Technology & Web Design

B1.3-R4                             Programming & Problem Solving through 'C' Language

B1.4-R4                             Computer System Architecture

B1.5-R4                             Structured System Analysis & Design

B2.1-R4                             Data Structure through 'C++' Language

B2.2-R4                             Introduction to Database Management Systems

B2.3-R4                             Basics of OS, Unix and Shell Programming

B2.4-R4                             Data Communication and Network Technologies

B2.5.1-R4                          Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming through JAVA

B2.5.2-R4                          Software Testing & Quality Management