How To Apply


Registration is a pre-requisite for candidates appearing in the NIELIT (“O”/”A”/”B”/”C”) examinations. Registration is valid for a specified period. A candidate can register only for one particular level viz, O, A, B or C, at a point of time. Although Registration is open throughout the year. but, cut-off dates have been prescribed, with reference to January and July examinations.

  • A system of Registration of candidates has been evolved to monitor the growth of the skills at the various Levels and ensure planning of IT manpower. Candidates will get a unique identification number named as Registration No. under the system.

  • Registration is a pre-requisite for appearing in NIELIT O/A/B/C Level examination. Candidates should apply for online Registration at NIELIT online registration portal 

  • Registration is only for candidates and not for institutes. If Institutes are interested for accreditation they may visit our website for further details.

  • Online Application forms for examinations are different from Online Registration forms. Registration number is also different from Roll Number of a candidate.

  • While applying for online registration, candidate will fill the authenticated information in O/A/B/C level in the online registration application form. If any information, including that are mentioned in online registration application form, submitted by candidate is found to be incorrect, fake, misleading or illegal at any point of time, the candidate or institute will be solely responsible for any financial, social, legal or any other action that may be taken by NIELIT at any point of time.

  • The candidate is required to pay the registration fee through any one of online payment mode mentioned as below:

                         1.    CSC-SPV
                         2.    Online (Online transfer/Credit card/Debit card/Net Banking)
                         3.    NEFT
                         4.    RTGS.
The Registration fee (w.e.f  01-Jan-2010)
O Level                        Rs. 500/-
A Level                        Rs. 500/-
B Level                        Rs. 500/-
C Level                        Rs. 500/-

  • Candidate need not to send any documentary proof in support of the information provided online in Online Registration Application Form.

  • Instructions/Guidelines to applicants given in the NIELIT Online Registration portal

           ==> certification/courses should be strictly adhered to while filling and sending the Registration form.

  • NIELIT H.Q. is the authority for Registration for ‘O’/’A’/’B’/’C’ Levels

  • Although Registration is open throughout the year. However, cut-off dates have been prescribed for receipt of complete Registration Forms. The current schedule of Dates are:-

Level Cut of Dates
January Exams
July Exams
O Level
Preceding 30th June Preceding 31st December
A/B/C Levels
Preceding 31st July Preceding 31st January

However Accredited Institutes are allowed to submit the Registration Application Form of their candidates one month beyond cut-off dates.


Level Cut of Dates
January Exams
July Exams
O Level
Preceding 31st July Preceding 31st January
A/B/C Levels
Preceding 31st August Preceding 28th February
  • All Institute / Direct candidates are advised to strictly adhere to the cut-off-dates with respect to filling of online registration application form in all manners. It may be noted that, if the online registration application form is found to be incomplete in any respect, the online registration application form will not be considered for processing for the ensuing or any next examination under any circumstances.

  • Candidates will not be eligible for appearing in the relevant examination if their Online Registration Application forms found incomplete, except in the specific cases as may be notified by NIELIT from time to time.

  • Once registered at a particular Level, the registration is valid for ten consecutive examinations for O/A Levels and twelve consecutive examinations for B/C Levels, reckoned from the next eligible examination as indicated in the allocation- cum Identity Card. 

  • It is advisable that candidates register themselves as early as possible without waiting for the cut-off date.

  • If a candidate qualifies at the lower Level and wish to continue in the Scheme, he must register at the next Higher Level. In such a case, he / she needs to submit a filled in online Registration Application Form through the login created by candidate earlier for next higher Level with all relevant eligibility documents and the Registration fee well before the last dates.

  • A candidate registered at one Level, intending to register at another Level, without clearing all modules/papers of the former Level, the candidate has to fill fresh online Registration Application Form and Registration Fee through the login created by candidate earlier within the cut-off date.

In case a candidate qualifies in certain modules/papers/projects at a Level and appears for the remaining modules/papers/projects at that Level, and pending the announcement of results, registers at a higher Level, in anticipation of passing the lower Level, the candidate will forfeit the chances of appearing in the modules/papers/projects in which the candidate is unsuccessful at the lower Level.

  • Candidates should invariably inform the NIELIT in case there is a change of address, as communications to the candidates will be sent to their registered address filled in the Registration form.

  • Personal address may be given instead of c/o Institutions so that we can communication directly with you.