B Level 2nd Project / Final Project (Project – II)

At this academic Level, the Project is of some great significance in the testing of a candidate’s virtuosity in Information Technology and judges his or her ability to independently take charge of Project/System development. All ‘B’ level candidates are required to get the synopsis of the Project approved from the Society. The Project is to be taken up only after obtaining the approval of the Society.

Eligibility Criteria for submission of ‘B’ Level 2nd Project/Final Project(Project-II)

The final Project may be started after the candidate has completed at least first 15 papers and has appeared in the remaining papers of the 4th semester of ‘B’ Level Course. Project may be submitted by Direct Candidates when they have appeared for the last Papers in the 5th semester and by students from Accredited Institutes in 6th semester.

Authenticity of the Project Work

It should be an original work, of real life value and not copied from existing material from any source and certificate to the effect will be provided with Project duly countersigned by the Supervisor/Guide.

How to submit ‘B’ Level Final Project

The student will submit his/her Project Report in the prescribed format along with the requisite fee. The Project Report should include:
       a)  One Hardcopy of Project Report.
       b)  Softcopy of Project Report.
       c)  The Project Report may be about 50 pages (excluding coding).

The following suggested guidelines may be followed in preparing the Final Project Report:

       1.  Good quality white executive bond paper A4 size should be used for typing and duplication. Care should be taken to avoid smudging while duplicating the copies.
       2.  Page specification ( written paper and source code)

              Left margin – 3.0 cms.
              Right margin    – 3.0 cms.
              Top margin    – 2.7 cms.
              Bottom margin – 2.7 cms.

       3.  Page numbers – all text pages as well as program source code listing should be numbered at the bottom center of the pages. 

Project Fee at ‘B’ Final Level 

A fee of Rs. 5000/- (Rupees Five thousand only) should be done through NEFT/RTGS/Net Banking Payment only and no payment through Demand Draft will be accepted.

Details of the NIELIT Bank Account for Online transaction are given below:

Name of the Bank: Bank of India
Branch: CGO Complex Branch, New Delhi-110003
Name of the Account: NIELIT
Current A/C No.: 604820100000012
IFSC Code: BKID0006048
MICR Code: 110013052

Guidelines for submission of Project Report

a)  Supervisor/Guide for ‘B’ Level Final Project

A supervisor/Guide should be a person of eminence in the area in which the student has chosen the Project. In the case of a Candidate from an institute conducting the accredited course, all help including the nomination of the supervisor/guide will be rendered by the institute concerned. In the case of a direct Candidate, the Candidate should ensure that the facilities are available in the organization (where the Project is taken up) and also the same are extended to them. The guide of ‘B’ Level Final Project would be a person having MCA / B.Tech / M.Sc. (CS) /M.Tech. (CS) / ’C’ Level with 5 years of experience in the field of Information Technology.

b)  Format of ‘B’ Level Final Project

        1.  Project Cover page in the format at Annexure – III
     2.  Acknowledgement from the Accredited Institute where the Candidate has undergone training or the Organization where the Candidate has made the Project.
        3.  Project Completion Certificate duly signed by the Project Guide/ Centre Manager ( in case of Candidate from Accredited Institute) or Head of the Company / Organization (in case of direct Candidate).Proforma given at Annexure - II
        4.  Approved copy of the Project synopsis, along with the copy of the synopsis approval letter.
        5.  Main report should contain:
                a)  Objective & scope of the Project.
                b)  Theoretical background
                c)  Definition of problem
                d)  System analysis & design vis-ŕ-vis user requirements
                e)  System planning (PERT Chart)
                f)   Methodology adopted, system implementation & details of hardware & software used
                g)  System maintenance & evaluation
                h)  Cost and benefit analysis
                i)  Detailed life cycle of the Project
                j)  ERD, DFD
                k)  Input and output screen design
                l)  Process involved
                m)  Methodology used for testing :
                n)  Test Report, printout of the reports, printout of the code sheet
                o)  User/ operational manual – including security aspects, access rights, back up, controls etc.

c)  Documents required to be submitted along with ‘B’ Level Final Project Report

        1.  Project Completion Certificate (Annexure - II), duly signed by the Center Manager (in case of an Accredited Institute Candidate)  or by the Project Guide (in case of a Direct Candidate).
        2.  Original copy of the approved synopsis 
        3.  Copy of the Result of synopsis approval
        4.  Hard copy of the Project Report
        5.  Soft copy of the Project report, which may be required for demonstration of Project work, needs to be arranged by the Candidate at the time of Viva-Voce. 

d)  Other Documents required to be submitted along with ‘B’ Level Final Project

        1.  Brief background of the organization where the student has developed the Project.
        2.  Data Dictionary This should give a catalogue of the data elements used in the system/subsystem developed. The following are the details required. Write NA if not applicable: Data name Aliases, if any Length (Size) Type (Numeric, Alpha, binary etc.)
        3.  List of abbreviations, figures, tables
        4.  Reference
            - Bibliography
            - Website
        5.  Soft Copy of the Project on CD/Floppy

Contact Details

In case of any other query, please feel free to contact us at projects@nielit.gov.in or 011-25308300 Ext no 524, 532