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Future Skills Prime-Bridge Course

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing using Social Media Platforms
iOS Mobile Application Development


Future Skills Prime (Programe for Re-Skilling/Up-Skilling of IT Manpower for Employability) to be implemented jointly by NASSCOM, CDAC and NIELIT. The main objective of Future Skills Prime is to create an up-skilling/ re-skilling ecosystem in emerging and futuristic technologies to facilitate continuous enhancement of skills as well as knowledge of IT professionals in line with their aspirations and aptitude in a self-paced digital skill environment.

NIELIT Delhi is a Co-Lead Centre for the implementation of one of the technologies Social and Mobile. Under the scheme two Bridge Courses have been launched. The brief details of Bridge Courses are as under:

   Course Name



Fundamentals of Digital Marketing using Social Media Platforms

90 hrs.

₹ 75/- + 18% GST

iOS Mobile Application Development

90 hrs.

₹ 75/- + 18% GST


Bridge Courses will be offered in blended mode by NIELIT and will provide fundamental insight into the future course a learner joins. The Bridge Courses are eligible for Govt. of India Incentive program.(

Course Contents

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing using Social Media Platforms

Digital Marketing is a wide array of multiple domains. The course will provide enough information about each domain of digital marketing. Get well-versed with every facet of Digital Marketing and learn to apply them in your profession so that you can increase the outreach of your company, organization, firm, etc. Apart from getting to know what entails Digital Marketing, you will be able to gain formidable knowledge on the different types of Digital Marketing. This reskilling/upskilling program provides an overview of different components that create successful Digital Marketing strategies using the social media platforms.

Digital Marketing Fundamentals:

Overview of Internet and Mobile Penetration in India, Meaning and Significance of Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing Process (Startups/ MSMEs).

Website Planning and rapid development:

Phases of Website Development, Use of WordPress CMS, Buying of Domain and Hosting, Creating Professions website Home Page and Pages, Use of Plug-ins, Page Builder-Elementor, etc.

Search Engine Optimization:

Importance of SEO, Type of SEO- On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Techniques of On-page SEO: Indexing of WebPages, Creation of Site Map, Keyword Placement, Keyword Planner, Content Optimization. Techniques of On-page SEO. SEO Tools demonstration.


Advertising and Google Ads: Why Pay-per click Advertising, Google Registration, GoogleAds interface, Google Ads Account Structure. Designing of ‘Google Ads’ Campaigns’; Search Campaign, Display Campaigns, Audience targeting, Bidding and Budgeting, Monitoring Campaigns.

YouTube and Video Marketing:

Significance of Video Marketing, Creating YouTube Channel, Promotion of YouTube Channel, Video Making for YouTube and designing advertising campaigns for YouTube videos.

Email Marketing (Bulk Mail):

Significance of Email Marketing, Design Email Marketing Campaigns with Mail Chimp, MailChimp Interface, Creating Signup Forms, Pop-Up forms, Embedded forms, Audience list, Building email Database.

Facebook Marketing:

Introduction and Significance of Facebook Marketing, Facebook Page designing, Introduction Types of Various Ad Formats, setting up Facebook Advertising Account, Understanding Facebook Audience and its Types, Designing Facebook Advertising Campaigns, Working with Facebook Pixel.

Twitter Marketing:

Twitter Marketing: Basics, Designing Twitter Advertising Campaigns.

LinkedIn Marketing:

Introduction to LinkedIn Marketing, Designing Twitter Advertising Campaigns.

Web Analytics:

Google Analytics: Introduction and Significance, Google Analytics Interface and Setup, Understanding Goals and Conversions, Monitoring Traffic Behaviour and preparing reports.

Google AdSense and Affiliate Marketing:

Role of Google AdSense, Applying for AdSense. Google AdSense plugins Affiliate Marketing Techniques and Models.
Tools you will learn in this course

The learner gets exposed to use the following tools:

  • Website development
  • Web Analytics
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  • Google AdSense
  • Google analytics
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Twitter marketing
  • Web Analytics
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  • Google AdSense


Course Contents

iOS Mobile Application Development

Attain the skills required to become an iOS application developer. The course starts right from the very basics of iOS to the beta testing as well as fully enabling you to publish the app on the App Store. You will get to establish hold on the Xcode, XCTest, MVC and the Swift code. It is an all- encompassing course that starts from the fundamentals, touches upon the micro aspects, and by the end empowers you to be a self- sufficient iOS app developer. By opting for this course, you can explore dynamic professional opportunities like a Mobile App Developer, iOS App Developers, Swift Developers, Software Engineers, Mobile Software Engineer, and more.

  • Introduction to iOS, Platform Architecture with version and its limitations, Social Media Integration, iOS runtime and Plist
  • iOS Platform: Introduction to the iOS platform and the Xcode IDE, Creating, MVC and MVVM Design Pattern and Running a Virtual Device simulator
  • iOS app components, loading indicator, app lifecycle, app delegate methods and listeners for iOS app
  • Cocoa Touch, core services and Objective-C/Swift.
  • Objective-C/Swift: Operators, Classes, Objects, declared properties, blocks, error and exceptions handling
  • Memory management, ARC, Categories, and Extensions
  • Mobile Storage and its Types, Local and external storage, Core data keychain access and NSUser
  • Storyboards: adding scenes, segues, transitions
  • Views and Windows: the view hierarchy, containers, controls, text and web views, navigation view and tab bars
  • Action views and action sheets, controlling rotation behavior, view auto sizing and auto layout
  • IBOutlets and IBActions, subclassing and delegation
  • Table Views: delegates and data sources, tableviewstyles , UI Collection View and custom cells
  • UiPickerView and UIDatePicker
  • Notifications: Local notifications and Push notifications
  • Core Location framework: location accuracy, obtaining location information, MapKit framework and MKMapView, Camera and Gallery access.
  • Concurrency: Grand Central Dispatch (GCD), Main dispatch queue, completion block and operation queue
  • Networking: reachability, Synchronous and Asynchronous download, sending HTTP GET and POST requests, Working with API and JSON
  • Native App deployment and Publishing details for Apple App Store as well as with test flights for testing/beta testing, Accessibility in Apps
  • Debugging and troubleshooting the iOS apps using Xcode and Xcode tools,
  • Profiling and performance optimization of iOS apps using XCode tools and Instruments for speed, memory, battery/power, network, etc.
  • Unit testing using XCTest framework
  • Security and privacy considerations in Mobile apps - encryption, secure communication, certificate pinning, etc.
  • Best practices and Guidelines - including Apple Human Interface Guidelines, App store publishing guidelines/checklist
  • Project Allocation and Lab

Tools you will learn in this course

  • Swift language and Xcode to design feature-rich Apps. Xcode is a tool that is used to build iOS App. Swift is a programming language used to build apps.
  • MVC and MVN Models are used in building apps
  • You will learn how to build API's and use API's in your Apps.

Assessment & Certification

  • Course Completion Certificate will be provided to students by the Centre after completing the Bridge Course.
  • NASSCOM Evaluation – Evaluation process will be carried by NASSCOM. Those students who pass the same will be awarded Bridge Course Certificate in Digital Marketing or iOS App Developmentby SSC NASSCOM.

Enrolment Process

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