Opto Electronics Lab

The Objective of the lab is to conduct Master level courses in Optical Fiber Communication, Test & Measurement of Optical Fiber  parameters, project and Industry Oriented Short Term Courses of the field
Main Equipments Available

1. Expo Make AX-110 all fiber OTDR

The OTDR is having the facility to measure at 830/1300/1550 nm with accuracy of 24/37/35 dB.

It can take MM 50/125 7 62.5/125 um and SM9/125 um fiber

2. Transmitter/ Receiver ( Model 310 and model400):

BCP make high speed transmitter and receiver, which transmit at the rate of 1.2 Gbits. Model works at 850 and 1300nm and separate receiver are available with Si and Ge detectors


3. Connecterisation KIT

The Kit contain all necessary tools, consumables, connectors and cable to demonstrate and practice the process of Fiber preparation, Inserting the fiber into the connector, applying epoxy, cutting the fiber, & polishing the surface etc.

4. Core Allignment Fusion Splicing Machine:

 A core alignment splicer (Sumitimo Electric Make)  is a fusion splicer that uses the core alignment method to observe the core from two directions with a built-in microscope and determine through image processing the position in which the central axes of the cores are aligned.

5. 6-1/2 Digit Precision Multimeter:

The 6 1/2 digit precision Multimeter deliver a comprehensive range of functions to meet our most demanding measurements on the bench or in a system.   The digital multi-meters performs the functions we would expect to see in a multifunction DMM, including measuring volts, ohms, amps, and frequency measurements.


It has 4-Analog Channels & 16 Digital Channels with Bandwidth of  300MHz,a sampling rate of 4GSa/s and high vertical sensitivity down to 1 mv/Div. The integrated three-digit digital voltmeter enables the users to simultaneously perform voltage measurements on all analog channels.

7. NI Educational Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Suite (NI ELVIS):

NI ELVIS is a project-based learning solution that combines instrumentation, embedded design, and web connectivity for engineering fundamentals and system design. It provides a comprehensive teaching solution for engaging students in hands-on labs involving analog circuits, mechatronics, power electronics, instrumentation, digital communications, digital electronics, controls, and more. Each laboratory solution includes lab material and complete experiments developed by experts in industry and education, so students can explore theory in the physical laboratory with a safe, in-depth experience.


8.Freescale MCU SLK

The Project Board consists of a large solder less breadboard area for building electronic circuits and has dedicated connectors for its Application Modules.Somesalient features of the Project Board are- on-board voltage regulators provide 4 different voltage levels(5V,3.3V,+15V,-15V),push buttons, LEDs and LCD display for debugging,easy connectivity to the NI ELVIS/NI ELVIS II workstation via the NI ELVIS connector, power input from the included wall-plug transformer, integrated USB BDM, or from the NI ELVIS workstation.

Some of the Practical’s/Experiments-

  1. Handling and preparation of Optical Fibres.

  2. Study and setting up an Optical fibrelink

  3. Study and Setting of an Digital Optical Link

  4. Measurement of numerical aperture ( NA) of an Optical fibre

  5. Study of Losses in Optical fibres.

  6. Voice on

  7. Study of High speed Optical Links

  8. Study of OTDR

  9. Study of  Fusion Splicing Machine

  10. Preparation of Optical fibreconnectors

  11. Study of Intensity Based Sensors

  12. Study of Network Analyseras ComponentAnalyser.