Director In-Charge desk

DIC PhotoComputer science and technology has been accelerating fast towards advancement and many new innovations are being made to achieve efficiency and improve cost-effectiveness by exploiting technical human resources. Millennium 2000 is undoubtedly an era of Information Technology. It has become absolutely essential to be abreast with rapidly growing technological advancements in the application of Electronics & Information Technology, which have been affecting every aspect of human life, in an unprecedented manner.

This Centre is making an earnest endeavor to promote this culture and to disseminate knowledge amongst Govt. Departments, Boards, Corporations, Technical Institutions and general public. Besides, IT industry is in dire need of professionally qualified and technically trained manpower. It is helping entrepreneurs and young students to adapt to this field by choosing it as their career prospective.

The Centre has introduced various specialized courses keeping in view the current market trends in the field of Electronics and Information Technology.

I am quite confident that the training courses offered and the teaching imparted thereabout by the Centre will lead the students to achieve their goals.

I wish all the students joining NIELIT, Ajmer Centre, a great success in pursuit of their career.


                                                                                                                                                                                    Deepak Wasan
                                                                                                                                                                                 Executive Director