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Feasibility Studies

Board of Revenue, Govt. of UP.

Feasibility Study for Physical Progress System for monitoring the progress of the Civil Work done by Board Of revenue through various agencies.

Dept. of Welfare for Backward Classes, Govt. of UP

Feasibility Study for their Education Loan Distribution and Recovery Management System.

Municipal Corporation of Lucknow.

Feasibility Study for Generation of Identity Cards for Small Scale Business Men.

ITRC, Lucknow.

Feasibility Study for Indian Toxicological Research Centre for performing their regular official activities using computerised system such as payroll generation on monthly basis, inventory management, MIS, MPR.

Press Release System for Directorate of Information, UP Govt.

Feasibility study done for replacing the existing manual press release system with the computerised system. In the existing system, it was very difficult to trace and maintain huge amount of press releases given by UP Govt. Many number of press releases are released regularly which needs a computerised system that can trace and maintain records of all the Press Releases. The system was web based using a website which store the releases in a database and email client was also developed for sending the e-mails directly through the system to various news paper agencies.

Website Development for CCA, Dept of Telecommunication, Govt. of India.

Study done for developing website of Chief Controller of Accounts (CCA) Lucknow for department information. Website was developed and currently running.

Inventory Management System, BSNL, Varanasi.

Feasibility study done for replacing the existing manual Store inventory System for maintaining the store inventory activities to keep track of the Inventory of the material. BSNL Varanasi required a desktop based application to automate the inventory management system.

Monthly Progress Report (Physical & Financial), NEDA, UP Govt.

Feasibility study done for replacing the existing manual Monthly Progress System (Financial and Physical) in order to have adequate Physical and Financial Monitoring and to keep track of the Inventory of the material. UPNEDA had decided to setup a web enabled financial and stores inventory monitoring system on monthly basis. the utilization of such web enabled MIS will improve the overall organizational efficiency.