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1. Training program for 5700 officers & officials of UP Commercial Sales Tax Department.

2. Training of more than 1000 Army Personnel's on various locations.

3. B Level Provisional Accreditation.

4. O and A : Level Full Accreditation.

5. BCA and PGDCA from MCRP University 

6. Corporate Training in Various Department/ Organizations in Uttar Pradesh.

7. Training program for 2800 State Level Treasury officers & officials.

8  Training program for 3000 State Level Lekhpals and Naib Tehsildars.

9. Training program for 1000 State Level employees of Sugar Mills and Cane Commissioner office staff.

10. Advance Training program for 200 teachers of National Council for Promotion of Urdu Languages (NCPUL), Govt. of India.

11. Training program for 200 State Level employees of Economic Intelligence and Statistics Deptt and 150 employees of Food Corporation of India.

12. Training program for 700 PBOR's of  Directorate General Resettlement, Ministry of Defence.

13. National Population Register (NPR) - Demographic Data Digitization of urban population of all the districts of Uttar Pradesh.