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National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology

Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology
Government of India
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The Recruitment process for 02 (two) posts of Executive Directors in NIELIT, as notified in Employment News 16-22 March 2019, is kept on hold due to application of Code of Conduct on announcement of General Election 2019, till clearance from Administrative Ministry/ Election Commission is received in this regard.

2 12 March,2019
3 15 March,2019
4 12 March,2019

The cut-off date for Online Registration of students for the forthcoming July, 2019 examinations for O/A/B/C Level is 31.03.2019.  Please note that no further extension in the prescribed cut-off date shall be made.

06 March,2019
6 14 February,2019
7 20 February,2018
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