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National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology

Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology
Government of India
Ref No. Issue Date Subject
1(18)/2017-NIELIT/593 22 March, 2017 Office order reg. minimum residency period under PoP policy 98.66 KB
1(14)/2017-NIELIT/577 20 March, 2017 Office order reg. Director-in-Charge at Lucknow Extension Centre 59.8 KB
1(4)/2017-NIELIT/560 16 March, 2017 Office order reg. reporting Structure/Channels of submission in NIELIT 140.16 KB
1(57)/2016-NIELIT/231 03 February, 2017 Reporting of Smt. Sunita Goyale, Addl. Director, Chandigarh centre to DG, NIELIT through ED, Chandigarh 285.21 KB
13(552)Exam/2017 17 March, 2017 Selection and engagement of the Examination Centers, Examination Superintendents and Examination Observer 4.16 MB
1(35)2016-NIELIT-Part File/559 16 March, 2017 Office order regarding promotion of NIELIT employees under POP policy. 299.74 KB
MIS(II)2017-NIELIT(CIVIL)/01/6009 08 March, 2017 Office order reg. Uniform Committee for monitoring building projects 524.05 KB
64(1)/2007-DOEACC Soc./507 06 March, 2017 Office Order reg. Departmental transfer of employees 76.02 KB
1(20)/2014-NIELIT Vol. IX 02 March, 2017 Office Order reg. office hours for employees working in NIELIT 82.54 KB
NIELIT/HQ/MIS/69/12/440 01 March, 2017 Order reg. Wide Cirulation of any office orders/ Office memorandums issued for general awareness in NIELIT 322.58 KB
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