Opto Electronics Lab

The Objective of the lab is to conduct Master level courses in Optical Fiber Communication, Test & Measurement of Optical Fiber  parameters, project and Industry Oriented Short Term Courses of the field
Main Equipments Available

1. Expo Make AX-110 all fiber OTDR

The OTDR is having the facility to measure at 830/1300/1550 nm with accuracy of 24/37/35 dB.

It can take MM 50/125 7 62.5/125 um and SM9/125 um fiber

2. Transmitter/ Receiver ( Model 310 and model400):

BCP make high speed transmitter and receiver, which transmit at the rate of 1.2 Gbits. Model works at 850 and 1300nm and separate receiver are available with Si and Ge detectors


3. Connecterisation KIT

Kit containing number of tools to be used for preparation of optical Fiber ends  and connectors

4. Mixed Domain CRO 30, 100, 500 MHZ

Mixed Domain/ Mixed Signal  CRO which can act as 8 bit logic Analyser also at different Bandwidth




5. Splicing Machine:

Sumitimo Electric Make Core Alignment Fusion Splicing Machine


6. Patch Chords , Power Meter and other Accessories Tools

Power Meter, Line Tester, Attenuator, Patch chord with different  sizes and connector and other handling tools are available in the Lab.