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State of the art Ultrasound Research Platform @ NIELIT Calicut

18 December 2017

NIELIT Calicut acquired Research Ultrasound machine-Vantage 64 under R & D project "Indigenous Color Doppler Ultrasound Scanner with PNDT Compliance". The machine enables high end ultrasound research in medical diagnosis by allowing the researcher to access raw ultrasound data from each channel, each signal processing stage to raw image. The researchers can develop their own algorithms and validate the performance by porting to the machine.  Machine also can support research in clinical diagnosis including early cancer cell detection using Inverse Modeling, Space Time Adaptive Signal processing etc. using ultrasound.  Custom ultrasound sensors/probes can also be integrated with the machine to validate the probe performance. The machine also enables clinical side research by providing access to medical ultrasound raw images as well as in DICOMM format. A team of Scientists from US visited NIELIT Calicut and provided training on Oct 03 2017 in installation and operation of the machine for Medical Ultrasound Research and a follow up training offered in IIT Madras. 

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