e- Governance Project

Capacity Building Programme for creating e-readiness of the ST Youth of NE States and State Government Employees


To spread of IT culture and bridge digital gap in using computer at basic level in order to deal with electronic services programmes and to conduct short term training/ workshop in e-Governance for awareness creation about various e-Governance services amongst ST Youth and State Govt. Officials.

Specific Targets

  • To train 2248 ST Youths in IT literacy & e-Governance.
  • To train 215 state Govt. employees in e-Governance life cycle


Target Group(s)

  • ST students & youths
  • Middle level officer of the District officials.
  • Senior Govt. officials AHOD/HODS.


As Is:

  • Imparted training to 2010 ST students /youths in 90 hrs certificate course.
  • Trained 163 middle level officers from 8 districts of Nagaland in e-Gov life cycles.

Conducted sensitization workshop on e-Gov for 70 seniors Government officials.