Cyber Security R & D Project

Name of the Project: Setting up State of Art Digital Forensic Data Centre to provide forensic services Including remote forensics live acquisition and analysis of digital evidence, Virtual Training Services to NE States.

Project Funded by: Cyber Security R&D Division, Meity Govt of India.

Following are the deliverables of the project :

  1. Forensic Data Centre: Established the Digital forensic data center at NIELIT Kohima Centre for sharing of resources such as software tools, hardware and storage through cloud  and making available the Data Centre on 24X7 basis. With the facilities established offering specialized forensic services.  
  2. Virtualization: Setup complete virtualization lab using open source technology to provide hands-on training to LEAs and other stakeholders in the area of cyber security and digital forensics 
  3. Learning Management Systems(LMS) : Designed and developed webased Learning management systems (LMS) using open source laravel framework. LMS is used to deliver training online, learners from anywhere in the world can connect with instructors, whether in real time or through recorded sessions. At the same time, trainees have access to online training material (courses, guides, quizzes, videos, etc.) any time they want.
  4. Live Web Acquisition Forensic Tool: Designed and developed Live web Acquisition forensics Tools to acquire   web related evidence including automated screen capturing while acquiring of web related contents like media files, documents in forensically sound manner.
  5. Cyber Crime Case Management Systems: Designed and Developed web based Cyber Crime case management systems:  for storing, preservation, documentation of cybercrime cases forward by LEAs to cyber forenics labs. 
  6. HelpDesk for Law Enforcement Agencies: Designed and Developed web based web based helpdesk to provide on-line facility and for crime scene management for the benefit of the Law Enforcement Agencies. Help desk also provide   assist the first responders of crime scene for effective search & seizure and preservation of digital evidence
  7. IT Resource Monitoring and Incident Response Framework: setup the enterprise IT resource monitoring and incident response framework and help the forensic examiners and LEAs to support remote live forensic investigations in a fast, scalable manner to allow analysts to quickly perform analysis remotely. It facilitate acquiring digital evidence from the huge number systems concurrently.
  8. Development of E-Content: eContent, PPT, videos in different modules covering varied of topics in digital forensics and social media forensics have been developed including demos, Quizzes. 
  9. Cyber Crime Cases: A total of 179 cybercrime cases with more than of 200 exhibits have been referred and forwarded by LEA to forensics lab for investigation and analysis of digital evidence.