NECB 2.0

Name of the Project: Capacity Building in IECT including training in Digital Skillsets and Current Industry Demanding Technologies for various sections of society in the NE States

Project Funded by:  Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Govt of India 


The aim of the project is to bring about overall upliftment of the socio-economic status of NE Citizens by creating a smart ecosystem with necessary IT education and skills with a  total of 1.665 lakhs citizens across different sections of society.   

Following are the deliverables of the project:

  • Category-1: To bring the active involvement of rural farmers/producers, women, elderly citizens, dropout students  in order to benefit the productivity in social & business activities of their life, the project will target  22,200 farmers, 15,600 women; 7,700 elderly persons & 75,360 school students for training with appropriate digital skillsets matching their requirements.
  • Category-2: User group, 30,800 numbers of graduates and undergraduates will be trained in appropriate IECT areas for value addition of their careers.
  • Category-3:  user groups, 6,240 technical graduates will be trained in the current industry demanding technologies to enhance employability.
  • Category-4 user groups, 8,600 teachers of the region will be equipped with necessary IT education and related applications along with skills for organizing effective online education to reach out masses  
  • Upskilling and reskilling of employees of NIELIT centres in the emerging and future technologies.
  • Initially, a target of 25 startups skilling over 02 years within the campuses of the NIELIT Centres of the region, for creating employment opportunities and setting up local industry