Post Graduate Diploma in Internet of Things (IoT)

Objective of the Course

This course focuses on the latest microcontrollers with application development, product design and prototyping. Ideally suited for engineering students and graduates with a basic understanding of electronics and microprocessors. The Internet of Things (IOT) is the next wave, world is going to witness. Today we live in an era of connected devices (mobile phones, computers etc.), the future is of connected things (eg: home appliances, vehicles, lamp-posts, personal accessories, your pets, industrial equipments and everything which you use in day-to-day life). Internet of Things is a term given to the attempt of connecting objects to the internet and also to each other - allowing people and objects themselves to analyze data from various sources in real-time and take necessary actions in an intelligent fashion.

  Learning Outcomes:

  • After the completion of the course, the students will be able design some IOT based prototypes
  • Exposure with different families and architectures of Internet of things and tools such as ARM Microcontrollers, Embedded operating systems, Wireless sensor networks, IoT architecture and protocols etc.
  • Expertise required to design any IoT products (H/w or S/w or both) based on any of the above devices.

Duration of the Course  :     470 hrs

Minimum Eligibility Criteria :  

  • M.E./M.Tech or B.E./B.Tech in Electronics & Communication/Electrical & Electronics/Instrumentation/ Biomedical /Computer Science/ Information Technology
  • M.Sc in Electronics/ Instrumentation/ Computer Science/ Information Technology

Outline of Course

Title of unit or other component Mandatory/ Optional Estimated size (Hours)

The Internet of Things: Brain Storming Basics



The IOT Microcontroller Platform



The Basics of Sensors and Actuators



Interfacing of Android with Internet



Arduino Communication with Android Phone & Cloud



IoT: Project



Enhancing Communication& Soft Skill




NSQF Level :7                                 View Qualification File

Course Fee:  Rs. 28000/-+GST

NSQF Registration + Examination Fee: Rs. 2000/-+GST

Total Fee: Rs. 30000/- + GST

Installment Payment Details:          Payment Procedure

At the time of Admission                  : Rs. 13000/-+GST + Rs. 250/-

After one month of batch start           :Rs. 10000/-+GST

After two month of batch start            Rs  7000/-+GST