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a. Storage Oscilloscope
b. Variable Power Supplies
c. Training Kits – TV,  VCR,  UPS, De-Fibrillator,  Ultra Sound, X-Ray,  SMPS Kits,  ECG Training Kits,  Fibre Optic Kit, Microprocessor-8051, AVR, ARDUINO,  etc.
d. Router, Manageable Switches.
e. Function Generators
f. Freq. Counters
g.  LCR Meter
h. Insulation tester
i. Logic Probes
j. Hb , pH Meter
k. FPGA  & DSP Kits
l. IC tester
j. FRED Server
k. Write Blocker
l. Hard Disk Copiers/Cloners
m. CyberCheck Suite
n. NeSA tools
o. And other Hardware and Software Tools related to Cyber Forensics
p. Software related to VHDL Course- Xilinx, Model Sim