राष्ट्रीय इलेक्ट्रॉनिकी एवं सूचना प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान ,चंडीगढ़

National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology,Chandigarh

Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology
Government of India

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NIELIT/CH/ADMN-01/2019/11001 12 February, 2019 Office Order No. NIELIT/CH/ADMN-01/2019/11001 dated 12th Feb.,2019 1.51 MB
NIELIT/CH/ADMN-144/2019/538 30 January, 2019 Office Order No. NIELIT/CH/ADMN-144/2019/538 dated 30th Jan,2019 759.18 KB
NIELIT/CH/ADMN-142/2019/148 09 January, 2019 Office Order No. NIELIT/CH/ADMN-142/2019/148 dated 9th Jan,2019 2.62 MB
NIELIT/CH/ADMN-01/2019/134 08 January, 2019 Office Order No. NIELIT/CH/ADMN-01/2019/134 dated 8th Jan,2019 371.2 KB
NIELIT/CH/ADMN-142/2019/123 07 January, 2019 Office Order No. NIELIT/CH/ADMN-142/2019/123 dated 7th Jan,2019 172.3 KB
NIELIT/CH/ADMN-02/2019/122 07 January, 2019 Office Order No. NIELIT/CH/ADMN-02/2019/122 dated 7th Jan,2019 268.77 KB
NIELIT/CH/ADMN-142/2019/121 07 January, 2019 Office Order No. NIELIT/CH/ADMN-142/2019/121 dated 7th Jan,2019 89.16 KB
NIELIT/CH/ADMN-41/2018/16775 20 December, 2018 Office Order No. NIELIT/CH/ADMN-41/2018/16775 dated 20th Dec 2018 301.45 KB
NIELIT/CH/ADMN-01/2018/16774 20 December, 2018 Office Order No. NIELIT/CH/ADMN-01/2018/16774 dated 20th Dec 2018 378.4 KB
NIELIT/CH/ADMN-02/2018/16067 27 November, 2018 Office Order no. NIELIT/CH/ADMN-02/2018/16067 dated 27th Nov 2018 131.29 KB
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Contact Us

NIELIT, Chandigarh, 
Ministry of Electronics and information Technology,
Govt. of India.C-134, IND AREA, PHASE 8,
S.A.S.NAGAR, MOHALI-160071, India.
Reception: 0172-2236462

Extension Centre :
IETE Building
Plot No.M-925, IETE Building,
Sector 30-B, Opposite Market, Chandigarh 160030
Ph. No 2650121