Certificate Verification Request


1. Students who have completed a course (except CCC, O Level, A Level, B Level) from NIELIT Haridwar are eligible to submit a Certificate Verification Request.
2. Only the verification request having certificate numbers starting with HDxxxxxxxxxx will be accepted; all other requests having different serial numbers will not be entertained.
3. The certificate verification process may take 10-15 days.
4. Please ensure the email is sent from your verified company email address.

Certificate Verification Instructions (Only for students enrolled at NIELIT Haridwar):

To verify your certificate, please follow these steps:

1. Download the Certificate Verification Request Form.
2. Print out the form and fill in the required details.
3. Scan the completed form.
4. Attach the scanned document along with a digital copy of the certificate to the email.
5. Send the email to haridwar@nielit.gov.in. with the subject line "Certificate Verification Request."