Solar-LED Lighting Product

Solar-LED Lighting Product ( Design and Manufacturing) (NIELIT/RE/2/89)

Objective : With this course, it is our goal to generate as many possible designs for cost-effective sustainable solar lights so that we can continue our mission to the best of our ability. With a myriad of designs, we can not only determine what the most sustainable method of lighting up underdeveloped countries is, but we can find the most affordable and effective method as well.


  1. Independent and fair assessment through Proctored online Examination to determine Job Readiness
  2. Certificates linked with Digital Locker for easy verifications by prospective employers
  3. Project based teaching approach and emphasize on latest Industrials trends
  4. Highly qualified faculty and best State-of-Art infrastructure
  5. Chance to learn in peaceful and green ambience within University campus
  6. Hostel facilities may also be provided subject to availability
  7. NIELIT offers internship training for Solar LED lamp  product Design and Manufacturing to students.

Eligibility: Diploma/B.Tech/BE/ITI/B.Sc. in Electronics /Telecommunication/ Instrumentation /Electrical

NSQF Details:Level-4, Duration: 350 hours

Outcome :

On completion of the Course,

  1. Students can explore different aspect of Solar Energy and its usage..
  2. After completing this course students can design and fabricate their own PCB for their Project and can also work in PCB Designing and Fabrication area.
  3. Learners who have met the requirements of any Unit Standard that forms part of this qualification may apply to the relevant Education body.

Facilities Available:

We have state-of-the-art lab facility in Printed Circuit Board which includes-

Design Tool / S/W: Ki-CAD, Proteus, Autodesk Eagle.

Fabrication : 1. UV exposure machine, 2.Developing and Etching Machine,

3.Hot Air oven  4.CNC Drilling machine, soldering & De-soldering station

5.Electroplating Machine

Job Roles:   

  • PCB Designer
  • PCB Developer
  • Technician (in design, supply, installation, Civil work, testing, commissioning of Solar LED Street Lighting System etc.)
  • Senior Technician
  • Service Engineer  Designer
  • Entrepreneur

Some Solar Light Production Companies:

BM Sunpower, Lumiserve Electronics Pvt Ltd,

Xelonix LED Lighting, S M Solar Products Limited, Superlite Lighting Company Private Limited, Infilux Illuminations Pvt. Ltd,

Eveready Solar Energy Industries, Patil Electromech Solar Energies Pvt. Ltd.


Synergy EcoGreen InfraTech Pvt. Ltd.


Why Solar Lights?

  • Solar is a renewable energy source.
  • Solar can be installed anywhere,
  • No harmful gases come from a solar panel.
  • Solar provides cost savings by not having to pay for electricity.
  • Solar Lights are easy to install
  • Energy Savings.
  • Who would’ve guessed, but the government wants you to be green. They are providing tax credits and grants to help with the purchase of solar, any renewable energy for that matter.

Expected Remuneration:

If you are a fresher working in this field then you may get a starting salary of 3.4Lac/Year to 5.3Lac/Year


Career Prospects:

1. There is Huge Demand for This Skill

2. It Pays Handsomely

3. You Can Choose from a Variety of Job Roles

4. Solar Product industries are Growing Rapidly

5. It is Challenging

6. Big Organizations are Looking for You

7. It Has an Excellent Online Community

8. It Is Easy to learn.

Other Details:

1. Fees:

Registration Fees - Rs. 500 (Non-Refundable)

Course Fees - Rs. 12,000 + GST

Note: Presently, no tuition fees from meritorious SC/ST candidates

2.Training Calendar:

    Batch will Start every three months

3.Contact Details:

  • Saurabh Kesri : +917207282215
  • Avinash Pawar : +917030193213


Note: Please contact between 9 am - 5:30 pm on weekdays