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Research & Development

Ongoing/Completed Sponsored Projects:

Serial Project Title Objective of the Project


Empowerment of Orphans and Disabled Persons by ICT Tools for Job Opportunities

To provide training on NIELIT CCC, sponsored by Social Welfare and Social Education, Govt. of Tripura.


Training of CSC/VLE

To provide training on NIELIT CCC for CSC/VLE.


Training of PRI Functionaries in NIELIT BCC

To train Panchayati Raj Institution functionaries in NIELIT BCC for the state of Tripura.


Setting up of e-Learning and Content Development Lab

To facilitate e-Learning content development and support virtual classroom.


Setting up of Medical Electronics Lab

To train repair and maintenance of Bio-Medical equipments and to undertake consultancy services.


Setting up of Mobile Repair and Maintenance Lab

To train candidates in mobile reparing, troubleshooting &maintenance course and to make them employable.


Creating Mass Cyber Security Awareness among School Childrens, College Students and Public through Appropriate Training and Campaign Mechanism in the State of Tripura

Conducting cyber security awareness workshop in schools and colleges. Training of master trainers of each schools and colleges.


Imaprting Computer Skills and Soft Skills Training in Government Degree Colleges of Tripura

To train students of Government Degree Colleges on Computer Skills and Soft Skills to make them employable. Sponsored by Government of Tripura.


Imaprting Computer Skills and Soft Skills Training Sponsored by JICA

To train students sponsore by JICA to make them employable.


Creation of National Population Register (NPR) for the State of Tripura

Digitization of demographic data for the state of Tripura, sponsored by Office of the Registrar General and Sensus Comissioner of India.