Repair/Maintenance of Hospital Equipment

Repair and Maintenance of Hospital Equipment
  • The centre offers Repair and Maintenance facility for hospital and lab Equipment both at Srinagar and Jammu.
  • This facility caters to the repair and Servicing needs of hospitals including army hospitals and diagnostic labs in J&K state.
  • The facility is being upgraded under the project "Setting up of facility for Repair and Maintenance of Hospital equipment and related manpower development", at a cost of Rs 85.66, Lacs for a duration of 3 years.
  • Training program upto 3 months duration are presently being offered in the areas of Repair and Servicing of general hospital and lab Equipment.
Details of services offered
Repair and testing of lab. Equipments like Surgical units, Baby Incubators, Calorimeter, Microscope, ECG, Digital Photo calorimeter, Centrifuge, Servo Stabilizer, CPU, Suction machines, Surgical Diathermy, Blood pressure monitor, Binocular U cospe, Cold light fountains, Suction voltmeter, Nano Voltmeter, Gas flow insuffulator, ETS machines, Fax machines, Auto analyzer, Electro surgical machine, short-wave diathermy, filter-photo calorimeter, tape recorder, Boyle’s Apparatus, operation table, stethoscope, UPS, Laptop, Nebulizer, Hot Air Oven, Printer, Scanner and Color Monitor.
Details of services offered
  • SMGS hospital Jammu.
  • Dispensary, University of Jammu.
  • SMHS Hospital Srinagar.
  • GB Panth Hospital Srinagar.
  • District Hospital Budgam.
  • Kidney Hospital Sonwar Srinagar.
  • Govt. Medical College Jammu.
  • MS Medical College, Jammu.
  • Prakash Kohli, New Plot Jammu.
  • IGP, Composite Hospital CRPF.
  • Govt. Dental College Jammu.
  • Station Commander, 23 Wing Airforce.
  • Forensic Science lab.
  • Suri Nursing Home, Canal Road Jammu.
  • IG, BSF Ploura Jammu.
  • Police Hospital Jammu.
  • ESI Model Hospital, Jammu.
  • ASCOMS & Hospital Sidra.
  • Dr. Vinod Kapoor Jammu.
  • Central Institute of Temperate Horticulture, Srinagar.

How to avail the Service:

The Departments/Organizations etc can avail/apply for particular service by sending a written proposal to Director NIELIT J&K