MicroPython Primer

Learn Core Skills

  • Overview of Python Programming
  • Introduction to Python for Embedded Applications
  • IDEs for Micro Python
  • Hands-on with MicroPython on Embedded Hardware Platform

Duration and Fees

  • 5 Hours (5 Days/ 1 Hour) 
  • Theory-5 Hours 
  • Lab-1 Hours (on Request)         


Course Fees: Nil/-

Starting Date – 27th November 23
Last date of Registration: 23rd November 23

Why would you enroll for this Course?

This is a foundation course which build the basic skills of application development using MicroPython which is a powerful language for microcontrollers. This course will help you to gain hands-on experience in writing code for embedded systems and help to build a foundation to create your own projects using MicroPython.


This course is designed for beginners to know about the basics of programming, embedded hardware and accessing hardware of SMART Lab. The course will cover the basics of MicroPython programming, Embedded hardware and how to access the SMART Lab remotely will be illustrated. Students will also gain hands-on experience in programming embedded hardware using MicroPython supported IDE.

Mode of Delivery

Platform: NIELIT LMS

These courses will be offered through LMS starting on the 27th November 2023. We will provide the course through LMS, a welcome mail will be sent on the previous day and the student will be allowed to attend the course for 5 days. A WhatsApp group will be started for every batch, which can be used for day to-day communication.

Hardware lab access will be provided (on demand) to students who have attended the course through the LMS and qualified in the exit test.


  • A basic understanding of programming concepts (no prior Python experience required).
  • A computer with internet access for downloading tools/resources and remote hardware access through SMART Lab facility.


The following are mandatory for awarding participation certificate.

  1. 60% Attendance (Attendance is marked automatically through the online portal)
  2. 50% marks secured in the exit test.
  3. Submission of feedback on right time.

Contact Coordinator 

Manoj N
Senior Technical Officer.
Ph./WhatsApp: 9446783170 
Email: manoj[at]calicut[dot]nielit[dot]in