The Centre has been a hub for product development and training in a range of disciplines for many years. Our consultancy services offer you the opportunity to access this pool of expertise.The Center provides consultancy services in the following areas:

Embedded Systems

Integrated Microcontroller Development System using Intel's 80C196mc

Single Board Computer (SBC-196) based on Intel 80C196KB/KC Microcontroller ·

Windows based Integrated Software development Environment (WISE-96)


WISE-96 Integrated software development and debugging environment IBM PC with Windows 3.1 or Windows 95/98/Later

Windows based File Editor Assembler/ Compiler

Monitor Program for Debugging


  Single Euro     (SBC-196) Double Euro     (SBC-196D)
Processor 80C196KB/KC 80C196KB/KC
External Bus 8-bit 16-bit
RAM 32K 32K – 128K
EPROM 32K – 64K 32K – 256K (Flash)
Digital I/O 20 16
Analog I/P 8 8
Analog O/P - 1 (12-bit Resolution)
PWM 1 Upto 3
Serial Port 1 RS 232 1 (RS 232/485)
16-bit Timers 2 2
Interrupts 4 10
Software Timer 4 4
Backplane Bus 4 Slots 6 slots -VME pin Compatible
Status Display 7 Seg LED 5 LEDs
Supply Voltage +5V +5V, ±15V

DSP Application Development System Double Euro

  • Calicut DSP (CDSP-32) based on Texas Instruments TMS320C32, 32-bit Floating Point DSP
  • Windows based Integrated Software development Environment (WISE-32)


  • Double euro size
  • Backplane bus based · Modular
  • No extra development H/W is required·
  • Faster & simpler product development


  • Integrated s/w development & debugging environment
  • DSP based Integrated Software development & Debugging Environment
  • IBM PC with Windows 3.1/95/98/Later


  • Windows based File Editor
  • Assembler/ Compiler
  • Monitor Program for Debugging



Processor TMS320C32
EPROM 64K to 256K x 32-Bit
RAM 32K to 128K x 32-Bit
RS232 Ser. Port 1
Sync. Ser. Port 1
32- bit Timers 2
Board Size Double Euro (160 * 233.3 mm)
Backplane Bus VME Compatible : (4 expansion slots)
Status Display 5 LEDs
Supply Voltage +5V

Analog and Digital I/O add on cards for the DSP & Microcontroller Development systems


  • Analog Input/Output Card
  • Add-on Card for IMDS-196 and CDSP


Analog Input

  • 12-bit ADC (15ms Conversion Time)
  • 6 Isolated or 8 non isolated Channels
  • Selectable input signal ranges
  • 0-10V, 0-20V, ±5V, ±10V, 4-20mA w Linearity: ±1 LSB


  • 12-bit resolution
  • 1 Isolated Channel
  • Selectable Output signal ranges
  • 0-5V,0-10V, ±2.5V, ±5V, ±10V, 4-20mA, 0-20mA
  • Linearity: ±1 LSB
  • Double Euro size, VME Bus Compliant

DIGITAL Input/Output Card

Add-on Card for DSP/SBC-196D


Digital Input

  • 8 Isolated Input Channels
  • LED Indicators for all Inputs
  • 0-5V DC, or 0-30V DC Inputs
  • 7500V Input to Output Isolation

Digital Output

  • 16 Isolated Output Channels
  • LED Indicators for all outputs
  • 0-5V DC or 0- 24V DC Outputs
  • Double Euro Size VME Compatible

Mike segregation unit

  • Performance of the Mikes used in the telephone hand sets are checked
  • Segregated into three different categories
  • Telephone handsets are then assembled according to this segregation to meet the DOT standards
  • Used by BPL production unit
  • SBC-196D is used along with an add-on card for this unit

SBC-196D and digital I/O add on card for motor control of the Robo

Stepper motor controller card for Robo using SBC-196D and Digital I/O

Information Technology

Windows Based Library Information system (WinLis)

WinLis is intended for automation of activities of a general Library providing on-line information about the books/journals and also to keep track of details regarding issue of books, return of books, reservation membership details etc.


The system is developed in a client/server model to facilitate searching over the network.

The software also has a web based front end for searching the books/journals available or to find the books issued to a particular person

  • Windows based graphical user interface
  • All information regarding books, suppliers, publishers, editor, purchase details etc. can be stored.
  • All information about members and their category.
  • Reservation of books on a priority basis.
  • Lost cards and deferred cards are kept track of.
  • Supports general query regarding availability of books, issued books, books on a particular topic, by a particular author, location of books in the shelf, members etc.
  • Any kind of report based on any information in the database can be taken, and can be configured by the user.
  • Stand alone configuration and client server configuration possible.

Payroll, Sales and Purchase automation for Kerala Feed

This software was developed for a Cattle feed plant with around 750 tons of production per day.

The software computerizes all the procedures for Purchase of raw material, and sale of finished goods.

This is a comprehensive software and includes features like automatic weight computation of trucks through weigh-bridge, automated sample code generation for Lab analysis, Computation of material cost based on quality, Supplier Information System, Purchase order processing, Accounts settlement and payments, Purchase and price analysis, Invoice preparation, Sales and price analysis, Routing and scheduling etc.

The software also prepares a Loading schedule for distribution of finished goods, preparation of dispatch schedule etc. A number of reports are created for this which involves a lot of SQL queries.


  • Dynamic Selection of Raw Materials based on quality and cost·
  • Automatic entry from Load cell at the Weigh bridge·
  • Automatic transportation route generation to minimize the transportation cost·
  • Internal generated codes for raw material quality testing.
  • Client Server Architecture with Data access Security
  • Least Cost Estimation Package

This package was developed for computing an optimal cattle feed formula for production based on the available raw materials.

The software has the features of production planning support, optimization based on production, price etc., It also helps in optimum selection of raw materials based on nutritional value, price and availability etc.


System Study of Kannur University Automation

Least Cost Formulation

Batch Automation System Software for Milma Cattle Feed Plant

IDE for Microcontroller

Office Automation for Sree Kadampuzha Bhagavathi Devaswom

Power Electronics

Batch Automation System for Cattle feed Plant, Milma

PC based system for monitoring & controlling batch process of any process plant, automatically with minimum operator intervention. The functions of the automatic controller is to run the plant efficiently & effectively and thereby improve the quality and productivity of the plant.

The system consists of three major modules.

IBM compatible PC with windows 3.1 or later version (PC)
Plant Automation Software (PAS)
Intelligent Plant Automation Interface (IPA) 

The PAS runs on IBM Compatible PC and provides a user-friendly environment for configuring and running the plant and gives the MIS.

The IPA is the hardware interface between PC and the plant. This has a Micro-controller, Output ports for driving the motors, flaps etc. Input ports for reading the load cell value, monitoring the conveyor/mixer status and a serial (RS-232C) interface to PC.


  • Process interruption due to Plant faults ( material flow from storage bin get blocked, bin becomes empty , clogging in conveyers etc.), Operational delays, and Material Wastage has been considerably reduced.
  • Plant running information presented to the operator through a simple an effective Mimic diagram on computer screen with user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Provision for process study and modify configuration (such as opening of two bins- of same material – simultaneously to reduce the batch weighing time, trying out different batch weights, modify process timings etc. to enhance the efficiency.

Management Information (MIS) on

  • Material consumption and Production details – Shift-wise Daily & Monthly
  • Alarm history – Alarm condition, Time, action taken and time to respond.
  • Material flow interruption due to blockage or empty bin which has an alternate bin available (the system automatically change over to the alternative bin specified) .
  • Bin level below the minimum refill level specified
  • Material flow interruption and no further alternative bins available
  • Any Plant failure (conveyor, elevator, mixer, flap failure etc.) detected

Installing BAS at the KCMMF cattle feed plant has lead to substantial saving in batching time, resulting in a significant increase in production capacity. It can   be suitably configured for any Batch process

                          Customer : KCMMF (MILMA)