High frequency Welding Power Source

Metal to Metal Arc welding is one of the most widely used welding technique in industry. The conventional welding units are either transductor type or thyristor types.The high frequency power sources for welding units provide the advantage of better weld quality, small size, low cost and portability.

The unit operates from single phase AC and is basically a switch mode converter providing isolation and a low voltage DC suitable for welding. The electronic feedback control ensures constant welding current in spite of arc length variations. Automatic compensation against input line voltage variations ensure stable output current.

Hot start feature for positive arc striking and anti stick feature to prevent freezing of electrode in the weld pool. Protection against input over and under voltage, over current, over temperature.


Input voltage 207V to 270V AC, single phase, 50Hz.
Open circuit Voltage 65V
Welding current range 5A, 140A continuous
Welding current 140A @ 30% duty cycle 100A @ 60% duty cycle 80A @ 100% duty cycle
Load voltage 26V @ max. welding current
Frequency 21kHz
Cooling Forced air cooling
Characteristic Constant current drooping, with hot start and anti stick features
Protection Over temperature, over voltage
Control Current set potentiometer with local remote Selection
Indications Mains on, over voltage trip, thermal trip.
Temperature 55 degree C Max.


Customer : TATA STEEL