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There are three Hostels each for men and women. The total capacity of all the Hostels, currently available, is about 250. Out of the 3 Hostels for men, 2 are 3 seated, and MH4 (Faculty Hostel) is 2 seated. The Hostels for women have 3 seated rooms, with a total capacity of about 70 students. As far as possible, the students of the same batch are accommodated in the same Hostel.


The Hostels shall be under the control of Hostel Warden, who will be reporting to the Executive Director. There shall be a Deputy Hostel Warden and Resident Wardens for both Men and Women Hostels who will assist the Hostel Warden in the management of Hostels. Hostel Warden and Dy. Hostel Warden are full time regular employees of the Institute.


Only those students who have registered for the courses at National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology, Calicut (hereinafter referred to as Institute) will normally be allowed to stay in the Hostels. Admission is granted on request, subject to availability of accommodation. Any student (hereinafter referred to as Inmate) who takes admission to the Hostels should have to strictly obey the rules and regulations of the Hostels.

Applications for admission in the prescribed form, which can be obtained from the Hostel Office, should be submitted to the Deputy Hostel Warden with the recommendations of the Course Co-ordinator concerned. Applications that are not in the prescribed form or are incomplete will not be considered.

The Institute has the right to refuse admission to any applicant without assigning any reasons. The Hostel Warden has the powers to remove any inmate from any Hostel at any time, if the inmate’s conduct is found unsatisfactory, and to take additional disciplinary actions.


Hostel fees and the caution deposit payable at the time of admission shall be prescribed from time to time. Students who seek admission to the Hostels have to pay the fees to the Accounts Section of the Institute at the time of their admission. Fee should be remitted in full for the duration of the course or one year, whichever is earlier. The current fee details are as follows:


Monthly Rent per occupant

APJ Abdul Kalam Hostel (Boys)                              


Rs.1500/-         [3 occupancy]

MH1 (Boys)                                                               


Rs.1400/-         [3 occupancy]

MH4 (Reserved for Faculty & Custom trainees)                                


Rs.2250/-         [2 occupancy  & Bathroom/ Toilet attached)

LH1 (Girls)                                                                


Rs.1500/-         [3 occupancy & with Bed]

LH1 (Girls)                                                                


Rs.1400/-         [3 occupancy & without Bed]

LH3 (Girls)                                                                


Rs.1500/-         [3 + 2 occupancy & Hall + Bathroom/Toilet attached

Daily Rent

APJAK, MH1 & LH1                                               



MH4 (Single occupancy)                                           



LH2 (Girls)                                                                



Guest Room (Campus - I)

Without AC                                                   


Rs.300/day    [single occupancy)
Rs.500/day    [02 occupancy)

With AC                                                        


Rs.400/day    [single occupancy)
Rs.600/day    [02 occupancy)

Guest Room (Campus - II)

Monthly Rent  - without AC                                     


Rs.3000/-         [02 occupancy]

Monthly Rent  - with AC                                     


Rs.3750/-         [02 occupancy]

Daily Rent - without AC                                           


Rs.300/-           [single occupancy)

Rs.500/-           [02 occupancy]

Daily Rent – with AC                                                


Rs.400/-           [single occupancy]

Rs.600/-           [02 occupancy]

Guest Rooms in Campus-II will be provided on monthly rent only to Project staff. In case of availability and based on merit of the case, it will be allotted to students on case to case basis with the approval of competent authority.

LH2 is converted as dormitory Hostel for Girl students who require accommodation for less than a month.

Hostel Contacts

Hostel Warden

Mr. Krishnan P

0495-2287266 (O), 9446017466


Deputy Hostel Warden

Mrs. Santhakumari S

0495-2287266 (O)


Resident Warden, Mens' Hostels

Mr. Nishant Kumar

Resident Warden, Ladies' Hostels

Ms. Vaishnavi Nair

Hostel Rules