Short Term Course

Certificate course on Computer Concept (CCC) 

NIELIT, Department of information Technology, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Govt. of India has been conducting a Certificate Course on Computer Concept (CCC) since March 2006. The aims of this course are to benefit the people of India including Govt. employees in a positive manner and encourage them to use IT in the disposal of their routine activities.
Examination will be conducted by the Institution on online web-based mode. Any person can appear this exam irrespective of educational qualifications through a NIELIT recognized institution. 

The CCC has been recognized by many State Govt, like Gujarat, Maharastra and Govt. of India as a basic qualification for fresh recruitment and / or promotion purposes.

Existing centres conducting NIELIT CCC Course in the state are: Sainik Welfare Khatla, DCC Mamit , DCC Kolasib, DCC Champhai, DCC Serchhip, DCC Lunglei.  

The course materials in major Indian languages including Mizo in e-learning mode are available in the NIELIT, Aizawl website (


  • The candidates can appear in the NIELIT CCC Examination through following three modes and the eligibility criteria for each mode are indicated against each:

    •    Candidates sponsored by NIELIT approved Institutes permitted to conduct CCC Course – irrespective of any educational qualifications; 
    •    Candidates sponsored by Government recognized Schools/Colleges having obtained an Unique Identity number from NIELIT for conducting CCC - irrespective of any educational qualifications; and
    •    Direct Applicants (without essentially undergoing the Accredited Course or without being sponsored by a Govt. recognised School/College) 

Duration:    The total duration of the course is 80 hours, consisting of:

    i)    Theory        25 hours
    ii)    Tutorials    5 hours 
    iii)    Practicals    50 hours

The course could ideally be a two weeks intensive course.

Who can conduct the course:
Institutes conducting any of the O/A/B/C Level accredited courses may conduct the Course on Computer Concepts. No separate accreditation is required for such institutes. Besides, this, Government recognized Schools/Colleges are also eligible to field candidates to NIELIT’s CCC Examinations. However, Institutions falling under the above categories are required to inform NIELIT in writing and obtain permission before the commencement of the course.

Fee Plan: -
The Examination Fee is     Rs. 500/-.
* Service tax extra as applicable.

No of papers: 
    Only one examination, which is theory paper.  

Minimum score required to qualify CCC successfully :
     50 % marks are the minimum score required.

Mode of Examination:
    Online based examination.

Calendar of Events for the examination is as below:
    Examination        Time period for submission of examination form
    1. January    -    November 01-30
    2. February    -    December 01-31
    3. March    -    January 01-31
    4. April        -    February 01-28
    5. May        -    March 01-31
    6. June        -    April 01-30
    7. July        -    May 01-31
    8. August    -    June 01-30
    9. September    -    July 01-31
    10. October    -    August 01-31
    11. November    -    September 01-30
    12. December    -    October 01-31

Course Outline
    The syllabus for the course broadly includes:
    •    Introduction to computer
    •    Introduction to GUI based Operating System
    •    Elements of Word Processing
    •    Spreadsheets
    •    Computer Communication and Internet
    •    www and web browsers
    •    Communication and collaboration
    •    Making small presentation