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From the desk of Director-in-Charge


Information, Electronics & Communication Technology (IECT) has been accelerating fast towards advancement and many new innovations are being made to achieve efficiency and improve cost-effectiveness by exploiting technical human resources. It has become absolutely essential to be abreast with rapidly growing technological advancements in the application of IECT, which have been affecting every aspect of human life, in an unprecedented manner. This Centre has been making an earnest endeavour to promote this culture and to disseminate knowledge amongst Govt. Departments, Boards, Corporations, Technical Institutions and the general public.

NIELIT Haridwar Centre has been set up in the Government Polytechnic Building in an area of about 8000 sq.ft. built-up space which was handed over by Hon’ble Chief Minister of Uttarakhand. The Centre has the latest infrastructure which provides students a conducive environment for the holistic development and also ample learning opportunities in order to become an industry ready professional.

The Centre conducts various employment oriented courses such as ‘O’ Level, ‘A’ Level and “National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF)” aligned courses in the areas of Electronics, IT & ITES. The Centre is also conducting “Digital Literacy” courses such as ACC, BCC, CCC, CCC Plus and ECC which varies from 20 Hours to 120 Hours duration.

NIELIT’s non-formal courses and Digital literacy Courses are widely accepted in various government departments for the purpose of recruitment and promotion. The list of State Governments and Departments, that has made NIELIT’s CCC, ‘O’/ ‘A’ level courses mandatory in recruitment, may be found on the website of NIELIT.

It is rightly quoted by Hon’ble Prime Minister of India that “India Today” + “Information Technology” = “India Tomorrow”. In the same direction, the Centre is making efforts to augment the “Digital India” and “Skill India” vision of Government of India.

I wish a bright career to all the students who are seeking admission at NIELIT and hope that the skills attained at NIELIT will help them in the advancement of their career.

Anurag Kumar 
NIELIT Haridwar