Director's Desk

Welcome to NIELIT Gangtok, one of the NIELIT Centres in the country and a paradise of learning in the area of Information, Electronics and Communication Technology (IECT). Since inception in 2010, the centre has been playing an important role in Skill Development and Capacity Building which has helped facilitate the improvement of employment opportunities, IT facilities and availability of quality IT manpower especially in the State of Sikkim. Furthermore, such courses are delivered free of cost to the SC/ST category.

Computer Science and Technology has been accelerating fast towards advancement and many new innovations are being made to achieve efficiency and improve cost-effectiveness by exploiting technical human resources. Millennium 2000 is undoubtedly an era of Information Technology. It has become absolutely essential to be abreast with rapidly growing technological advancements in the application of Information Technology, which has been affecting every aspect of human life, in an unprecedented manner. NIELIT, Gangtok has been making an earnest endeavor to promote this culture and to disseminate knowledge amongst Govt. Departments, Boards, Corporations, Technical Institutions, Students, Staffs and General Public.

As a committed and dedicated institute, our aim is to provide quality computer training / services that exceeds the expectation of our students. We offer various courses starting from Digital Literacy courses (ACC, BCC, CCC, CCC Plus, ECC, etc.) to specialized long-term courses in Multimedia Animation Technology, Computer Hardware and Maintenance, Information Technology, etc. as per industry demand leading to skill development in the area of IECT. Above all, we teach our students to be self-reliant and make them adaptable to the advanced and fast changing technology in the computer world.

NIELIT Gangtok has been conducting training programs for Sikkim Government employees every year and so far over 700 nos. employees have been trained in Basic IT Literacy courses viz. BCC/CCC.

From time to time customized training courses as per the needs of the respective cadre of Sikkim Government are being taken up by the centre for capacity building of the employees.

NIELIT Gangtok also undertakes various projects of Government of India. Cyber Security Project is one such project being executed by NIELIT, Gangtok through which trainings and awareness programs on cyber crimes and cyber security for school/college students and government employees have been taken up successfully. 

NIELIT, Gangtok is targeting to increase the outreach every year with an objective of taking IT Education to the masses to build a digitally empowered society.

It’s our pleasure to provide committed services to the prospective students, employees and general public, irrespective of age desirous for taking up NIELIT courses at NIELIT, Gangtok and we wish all our students for a bright career. We look forward to your suggestions & active participation in our endeavour in the days to come.

Arup Chattopadhyay