Citizen Charter

1. Clients/Customers of the Society

The Clients/Customers in respect of NIELIT includes the following:

  • Students desirous of undergoing NIELIT accredited courses and other courses being offered by the Centre in the non-formal and formal sectors as well as working professionals
  • Institutes in the Non-Formal Sector, who have been authorized to conduct NIELIT Courses or - Institutes who are desirous of accrediting their courses by NIELIT
  • Prospective employers i.e. Industries in Public and Private Sector/Govt. Department.

2. Services Being Provided By NIELIT to the Clients/Citizen Group Separately:

2.1 The services provided by NIELIT to its clients/citizens are as under:

  • Counselling of Students desirous of pursuing NIELIT courses.
  • Registration of Students at O/A/B/C levels of courses
  • Conduct of Examinations in all the four levels twice a year in the month of January and July as given below:

           O Level
           A Level
           B Level
           C Level
           O Level Course in Bioinformatics
           A Level Course in Bioinformatics

  • Conduct of Examinations for Digital Literacy Courses (BCC, CCC, CCC+, ECC) is being carried out in 10 exam cycles in a calendar year  viz February, March, April, May, June, August, September, October, November and December.

Timely and correct dissemination of information about the activities of the Society and to get quality services from the Society.

3. Nature of Grievances expected from the clients:

  • Non-receipt of Registration cum Identity Card, Admit Card etc.
  • Dissatisfaction with the results of the Examinations
  • Functioning of Institutes authorised to conduct NIELIT Courses
  • Fake institutes claiming to be authorized to conduct NIELIT Courses

4. Public Grievances Redressal System:

There exists a Grievance Redress Mechanism in the Society. The Society has a Chief Grievance Officer assisted by Grievance Officer at the Centres. All the grievances are addressed through prescribed procedure. Detailed information about the Society along with its Centres is made available to the public through Website

4.1 Contact Points for Public Grievances Redressal:

The Society has Counselling Centres all over India, details of which are available on the Website.
Each activity/department of the Society has its dedicated email id which is duly displayed on the website:

Related to Project of O/A/B/C Level:
Related to Exam Query (O/A/B/C)
Related to Exam Query ( BCC):
Related to Exam Query ( CCC):
Related to Registration:
Related to Accreditation of new institutes:
Related to Accreditation of existing institutes:
Related to DLC Accreditation of institutes:
Related to Syllabus:
Related to Certificate:
Related to Scholarship & Payment:

Students/others concerned can contact on the above email ids at any time.

4.2 In order to facilitate the students, the names of the officers along with their designation and telephone numbers, are displayed on the website. Student and other concerns are free to contact them at any time.

4.3 Dedicated Telephone lines for incoming calls: 1800116511(Toll Free) and 011-25308300 telephone numbers are solely dedicated to the incoming calls only and these lines are very popular among the students.

4.4 The Society has inquiry window where the students/public at large is free to approach to have the information/redressal of their grievances. 

5. Expectations from the Client/Citizen

NIELIT expects from its clients/citizens to adhere to various norms/rules/time schedule laid down for various activities, such as submission of Registration Form, Examination Application Form for a specific examination by a prescribed date.