Forms/Proformas followed in NIELIT Gorakhpur

S.No   General Forms  
   1 Proforma for claiming reimbursement of Medical Expenses incurred on quarterly basis   Download
   2 CL/R.H/C-OFF Leave Application Form  Download
   3 EL/HPL/EOL/Commuted Leave Application Form  Download
   4 Holiday / Saturday / Sunday Compensation Claim Form  Download
   5 Tour Programme Approval Form  Download
   6 Tour Report Proforma  Download
   7 Local Conveyance Claim Form  Download
   8 Requisition for Advertisement  Download
   9 Honorarium Form    Download
   10 T.A. Claims of Members attending the meetings    Download
   11 Reimbursement of Newspapers Bill   Download
   12 Reimbursement of Tuition Fee expenses incurred towards Children's Education Allowance   Download
   13 Briefcase / Leather Bag reimbursement Form  Download
   14 Application Form for Grant of LTC Advance    Download