Future Skills PRIME - Government Official Training (AI) Implementation

Objective of the Course:

Today all are talking about the advancements in AI and how it can introduce changes in the world, with the pace with which it is growing. But other than the basic level knowledge people are unaware of the actual potential and capabilities of AI technologies.

The objective of this course is to create an in-depth awareness on Artificial Intelligence Tools & Techniques among government officers so that they can recommend AI technologies in their work places. The course presents an overview of artificial intelligence (AI) principles and practices. This course introduces the techniques and applications of AI in different domains.

Learning Outcomes:
Upon successful completion of this course candidate will able to:

  1. Recommend the usage of AI as a software tool which can improve the quality of their work outcome and provide better services to the community they are serving.
  2. Do basic programs to implement AI in the dataset/context they are working in.
  3. Recommend the proper AI tools useful for the specific needs of the employees.

Duration of the Course : 40 Hrs
Eligibility Criteria :  This course is meant for Government Officials who are aware of IT Tools and applications, preferably with programming knowledge.

Syllabus :

  • Introduction to Big data
  • Introduction to AI
  • Introduction of AI Applications in various Domains
  • Challenges in implementation of AI
  • Introduction Machine Learning
  • Onboarding / Deployment of AI Applications
  • Case Studies and Best Practices of AI applications

As a part of the project, NIELIT Calicut trained Government Officials in the Technologies “Artificial Intelligence”  through Online Mode in four batches. The training for the Government Officials was conducted for 40  hours duration for those who are involved Government Officials involved in IT/ITeS.

Government Officials Training in “Artificial Intelligence” - Batch 1

Government Officials Training in “Artificial Intelligence” - Batch 2

Government Officials Training in “Artificial Intelligence” - Batch 3

Government Officials Training in “Artificial Intelligence” - Batch 4