Windows Based Library Information system (WinLis)

WinLis is intended for automation of activities of a general Library providing on-line information about the books/journals and also to keep track of details regarding issue of books, return of books, reservation membership details etc.


The system is developed in a client/server model to facilitate searching over the network.

The software also has a web based front end for searching the books/journals available or to find the books issued to a particular person

  • Windows based graphical user interface
  • All information regarding books, suppliers, publishers, editor, purchase details etc. can be stored.
  • All information about members and their category.
  • Reservation of books on a priority basis.
  • Lost cards and deferred cards are kept track of.
  • Supports general query regarding availability of books, issued books, books on a particular topic, by a particular author, location of books in the shelf, members etc.
  • Any kind of report based on any information in the database can be taken, and can be configured by the user.
  • Stand alone configuration and client server configuration possible.