Batch Automation System for Cattle feed Plant, Milma

PC based system for monitoring & controlling batch process of any process plant, automatically with minimum operator intervention. The functions of the automatic controller is to run the plant efficiently & effectively and thereby improve the quality and productivity of the plant.

The system consists of three major modules.

IBM compatible PC with windows 3.1 or later version (PC)
Plant Automation Software (PAS)
Intelligent Plant Automation Interface (IPA) 

The PAS runs on IBM Compatible PC and provides a user-friendly environment for configuring and running the plant and gives the MIS.

The IPA is the hardware interface between PC and the plant. This has a Micro-controller, Output ports for driving the motors, flaps etc. Input ports for reading the load cell value, monitoring the conveyor/mixer status and a serial (RS-232C) interface to PC.


  • Process interruption due to Plant faults ( material flow from storage bin get blocked, bin becomes empty , clogging in conveyers etc.), Operational delays, and Material Wastage has been considerably reduced.
  • Plant running information presented to the operator through a simple an effective Mimic diagram on computer screen with user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Provision for process study and modify configuration (such as opening of two bins- of same material – simultaneously to reduce the batch weighing time, trying out different batch weights, modify process timings etc. to enhance the efficiency.

Management Information (MIS) on

  • Material consumption and Production details – Shift-wise Daily & Monthly
  • Alarm history – Alarm condition, Time, action taken and time to respond.
  • Material flow interruption due to blockage or empty bin which has an alternate bin available (the system automatically change over to the alternative bin specified) .
  • Bin level below the minimum refill level specified
  • Material flow interruption and no further alternative bins available
  • Any Plant failure (conveyor, elevator, mixer, flap failure etc.) detected

Installing BAS at the KCMMF cattle feed plant has lead to substantial saving in batching time, resulting in a significant increase in production capacity. It can   be suitably configured for any Batch process

                          Customer : KCMMF (MILMA)