NIELIT IoT Trainer Kit

About the Kit

This kit designed based on Arduino and ESP32 development platform to suit the requirements of IoT/Embedded Training Programs offered by NIELIT centres/ Engineering colleges/ Accredited centres. It is capable of demonstrating various embedded and IoT Applications. The demonstration capabilities include Basic Embedded Programming, Embedded Protocols, Sensors and Actuators interfacing, LoRa, CAN, Bluetooth and Wifi Connectivity, WSN & IoT Applications.

IoT Trainer Kit Models

NIELIT IoT Trainer Kit from NIELIT Calicut is available in Various models

Target Customers

  • Engineering Colleges
  • Polytechnic Colleges
  • ITI Training Institutes
  • ‘O’ Level Training Institutes 

Developed by

Embedded System Group, NIELIT Calicut

Contact info

mailto: esg[at]calicut[dot]nielit[dot]in