Universal Voltage Controller

Presently Alternators and Rectifier cum Regulating Units are having Magnetic amplifier based design. These designs have the inherent limitations of voltage regulation. Also they do not have the feature of charging the batteries with current limit at constant voltage. Since the working of these RRUs is based on magnetic core saturation, the voltage and current ripple in the output vary substantially depending upon the type of load and speed, which may affect the performance/ life of batteries.


Automatic selection of alternator rating 4.5kW/18kW/25kW

Micro controller based design

  • GBT based field control circuit
  • Selectable Output voltage
  • Selectable Output current limiting
  • Filed current limiting
  • Supports Parallel operation of two alternators
  • Data logger support

Indications for

  • UVC status
  • Alternator/Fuse failure
  • Over load
  • Battery charging/Discharging Ah
  • Output voltage
  • Output current
  • Battery current
  • Field current