Payroll, Sales and Purchase automation for Kerala Feed

This software was developed for a Cattle feed plant with around 750 tons of production per day.

The software computerizes all the procedures for Purchase of raw material, and sale of finished goods.

This is a comprehensive software and includes features like automatic weight computation of trucks through weigh-bridge, automated sample code generation for Lab analysis, Computation of material cost based on quality, Supplier Information System, Purchase order processing, Accounts settlement and payments, Purchase and price analysis, Invoice preparation, Sales and price analysis, Routing and scheduling etc.

The software also prepares a Loading schedule for distribution of finished goods, preparation of dispatch schedule etc. A number of reports are created for this which involves a lot of SQL queries.


  • Dynamic Selection of Raw Materials based on quality and cost·
  • Automatic entry from Load cell at the Weigh bridge·
  • Automatic transportation route generation to minimize the transportation cost·
  • Internal generated codes for raw material quality testing.
  • Client Server Architecture with Data access Security
  • Least Cost Estimation Package

This package was developed for computing an optimal cattle feed formula for production based on the available raw materials.

The software has the features of production planning support, optimization based on production, price etc., It also helps in optimum selection of raw materials based on nutritional value, price and availability etc.