Chopper Drive for Forklift Truck

Most of the fork lifts manufactured in India are having conventional rheostat controlled drives. This scheme does not utilise the stored energy in the battery efficiently. Chopper drive provides an alternative scheme for utilising the stored energy efficiently so that the backup time is increased and also this scheme provides a smother drive.

The chopper drive for fork lift truck provides a smooth and efficient control of travel speed from zero to maximum. If the accelerator pedal is depressed fast, the control circuits increase the power to the motor smoothly. The drive circuits can deliver high pulse peak current during starting and has a built in protection to limit the pulse peak current and over current.

The micro controller based supervisory control unit also contains actuation circuits for forward and reverse contactors with interlocking to prevent selection of direction change when the accelerator pedal is depressed. The control unit provides a bar graph indication of the battery charge status and also has audio visual alarm circuits which warns the operator against over load, over temperature and battery low conditions.


Motor rating DC series motor 36V, 5HP
Device MOSFET Module
Battery 36V traction battery
Control PWM
Control Input Potentiometer in pedal unit
Control panel Main on/off switch, Forward reverse selection switch, Display for drive on, forward reverse selection over load, over temperature
Protection Over current trip, Over temperature trip, Pulse peak current limiting, reverse polarity,
Frequency 7kHz
Temperature 55 degree C Max.

Customer : TATA STEEL