Objective:The Certified Lab VIEW Associated Developer (CLAD) is the first level of professional certification for Lab VIEW programming, represents a level of mastery of Lab VIEW at which a person with minimal oversight can use Lab VIEWfor  Acquiring and interpretation of  data, Create small Vis, Edit medium-sized VIs and Contribute elements to large VIs and  Projects.



  1. Independent and fair assessment through Proctored online Examination to determine Job Readiness
  2. Certificates linked with Digital Locker for easy verifications by prospective employers
  3. Project based teaching approach and emphasize on latest Industrials trends
  4. Highly qualified faculty and best State-of-Art infrastructure
  5. Chance to learn in peaceful and green ambience within University campus
  6. Hostel facilities may also be provided subject to availability


UG & PG students, Engineers from Academia and R&D Institutions keen on learning about the LAB VIEW Environment.

Job Roles:

Career Prospects:

1. There is Huge Demand for This Skill

2. It Pays Handsomely

3. You Can Choose from a Variety of Job Roles

4. It is Challenging

5. Organizations are Looking for You

Outcomes of Course:

1.Automated Manufacturing test of a component/sub-system/system.

2.Automated Product design validation of a component/sub-system/system.

3.Control and/or monitoring of a machine/piece of industrial equipment/process.

4.Condition monitoring of a machine/piece of industrial equipment.

Opportunities for Certified Lab VIEW Associate Developer

The NI Certified Lab VIEW Associate Developer (CLAD) is the first step in the three-part NI Lab VIEW certification process. More than 200 companies like Honeywell, BOSCH, National Semiconductors, BHEL, General Electric Corporation, TATA power, Indian Air Force etc. have been benefited from NI training program in India. Companies like Siemens, General Electric Corporation, Delphi recruit candidates with experience in Lab VIEW. This Certification is an indicative of the level of your programming skills and can be helpful when applying for a software developer position requiring LabV IEW skills

Expectations from  CLAD

1. Acquisition  and interpretation of  data

2. Create small VIs and Edit medium-sized Vis

3. Contribute elements to large VIs and projects

Fee & Other Details:

  1. Registration Fees Rs 500 (non-refundable)

2. Tuition Fees Rs 10,000+GST

Why Lab VIEW?

1.LabVIEW is a visual programming language:   it is a system-design platform and development environment that was aimed at enabling all forms of system to be developed.

2. Graphical interface is flexible and simple to   use. Most engineers and scientists can learn to use it quickly.

3. LabVIEW provides a universal platform for   numerous applications in diverse fields.

4. LabVIEW can be used with 3rd party hardware: it can be interfaced with C/C++, VB, Fortran etc.

5. Easy to interface to many hardware items like data acquisition and test equipment products.

6. It has excellent customer support and a large active community forum.

Expected Remuneration: If you are a fresher working in this field then you may get a starting salary of 10000 to 25000 per month. After some experience you can easily make anywhere between 25000 to 100000 per month.

Training Calendar:

Batch starts in each even month

Contact Details:

  1. Saurabh Bansod (+919834081669)
  2. Surya Charan(+918500744697)

Note: Please contact between 9 am - 5:30 pm on weekdays